1. Brightwater's Avatar
    For what its worth: I just called and switched from a myfaves plan to the "unlimited customer loyalty" plan, which doesn't include Myfaves. I've had some type of my faves plan since it came out years ago and when I made the switch, the carousel and all are off my phone and I am noticing a HUGE difference in the speed of my 8320 now. It is much faster, both the operating system as well as the connection when browsing. Just thought I would share that. Myfaves bogs down your BB operating system.

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    09-06-09 02:41 PM
  2. brontegirl's Avatar
    I deleted the default myfaves icons and noticed an improvement as well. I still use myfaves though, however, I only keep the 5 icons I use on the device memory.
    09-06-09 09:45 PM