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    as per my other thread i've discovered the extent of the problem of my 'h' key problem,

    if i press it light in the middle top left, top right, and bottom left it works fine but bottom right if i press it lightly it does not register, i'm using my nail to get the same pressure point to test it, if i press a little harder it registers fine but if i use the light pressure which works on the other points it doesn't/

    does this mean my button is broken?

    i'm just fed up of replacing this handset again and again despite being under warranty, is this key problem likely to cause further problems in future as in not work at all anymore?

    like i said it works fine at 4 different points of the button it's just bottom right i have to press slightly harder to get it to register.

    are these problems likely to in say a year make the button completely unusable?

    it's just everytime i replace the handset there is another problem it has unrelated to the previous.

    i know i should just get it replaced again cos im under warranty but im fed up with the hassle as i've replaced it twice now, and im thinking what if this next 1 has some other stupid problem.
    07-15-10 10:47 AM