11-12-08 07:51 AM
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    We had a Lightning Storm here in 0regon right after Midnite throughout the early Morning Tuesday here, so between 3am & 4am I was out taking some snapshots of the Lightning show outside of my balcony with my BlackBerry Curve 8330 & decided to send the photos off to the News Weather Channel via E-mail from my BlackBerry Curve 8330 phone.

    I had sent my photos off to the News Station a little after 4am in the morning since the News here starts at 5:30am in the morning.

    As I'm watching the News during that early Morning & waiting for the Weather report, they kept talking about how they had got some Great photos sent in and wanted to show them on their program. Now, mind you, I had thought that maybe somebody else other than myself had sent in some photos as well in regards to some type of an event or maybe another Weather related photo.

    Well nearing the end of their program, the news had came back on & as they got towards the weather, the next thing I know, they mentioned again about how they got some really Great photos sent in & lo N behold, my photos were being Aired "LIVE" on KOBI5 News at Sunrise here in 0regon.

    Both females, Kay Schaefer(Sunrise Meteorologist
    KOBI-TV NBC 5 News) & Laura Cavanaugh(Anchor/Reporter/Producer at KOBI5) Really Liked my photos & I forgot who the other guys name is that was on the News, but he also gave me a compliment on TV about how my photos were a GREAT SHOT plus how the different color tones & shades had showed in my photos too.

    Later on in the Morning at 8:17am I got this E-mail sent directly to my BlackBerry Phone & it was from Kay Schaefer who does the Weather & so as I was reading her E-mail, she said in her letter that she was gonna Pass my photos over to the Night Crew on account of how Great my Photos were.

    Well much to my Surprise, what happened was that my photos literally ended up being Aired "LIVE" ALL DAY & thru the Night. Not only did KOBI5 News Air my photos but also Fox26 News aired them as well.
    They even Mentioned my Name on every Segment that they Aired my photos on their Program from KOBI5 News & Fox26 News.
    Talk about what an eventful day!

    Oh, and plus check this out, along with my photos that I E-mailed over to KOBI5 News at Sunrise, I had told them that the photos were takin with my BlackBerry Curve 8330 (Cuz U know I had to give my BlackBerry Curve Propz as well). Yeah They even mentioned my BlackBerry on their program too. I was more excited about my BlackBerry Curve getting Propz than I was about myself. I mean, I was like.......YYEEEEEAAAAHH!!!! U GO BLACKBERRY CURVE, U GOOO!!!!

    I also told all my of Family Members(Mom, Aunt, Cousins) about the Awsome News & even my BlackBerry Mesenger Friends too! (Thank You to ALL of my BlackBerry Messenger Friends who Complimented me, You're the Greatest in my Book Always!!!)

    Plus I video tapped every News Segment on my BlackBerry Curve so that I would have something to remember.

    I also sent a Thank You Note to Kay Schaefer who does the Weather since she Complimented me on my photos & passed my photos to the Night Crew but also the Afternoon & evening crew gott'em as well & I also sent a Thank You letter to Laura Cavanaugh too so yeah, I was pretty Popular all day.

    On Thursday the 24th, I also received another E-mail on my BlackBerry Curve from Laura Cavanaugh & this really came as some Surprise! Laura Cavanaugh tells me in her E-mail that my photos were not only aired at KOBI5 News & Fox26 News, but that CNN Headline News Aired them as well!

    That totally blew us both(Me & My BlackBerry Curve) away! Laura Cavanaugh also made me an 0fficial Member of the KOBI5 News at Sunrise & I gotta say, it Looks like Me & My BlackBerry Curve are gonna be doing great things together from here on end. WAY TO GO BLACKBERRY CURVE, WAY TO GO!!!
    All the Best,

    P.S. Can You Do This With an iphone? Lol!!!

    P.S.S. Here are copies of My E-mail Letters sent to me by Kay Schaefer (Meteorologists) & Laura Cavanaugh (Anchor/Reporter/Producer at KOBI5)

    From: Kay Schaefer
    Jul 22, 2008 8:17 AM

    Hi Mike,(aka 1Kool Guy)

    Thanks so much for sending in these photos, they were great! Not sure if
    you caught it, but we were able to get them on air at the end of our morning
    newscast. I am going to pass them on to the night crew just in case they
    would want to use them as well.

    Thanks again and have a great day!

    Kay Schaefer
    Sunrise Meteorologist
    KOBI-TV NBC 5 News


    From: Laura Cavanaugh
    Jul 24, 2008 5:14 PM

    Hi there Mike,(1Kool Guy)

    Just wanted to tell you how much we sincerely appreciated your
    breaking news/weather digital photo and thank you for the thanks.
    You should know that your spectacular lightning photos hit the airwaves on
    NBC5, Fox26 AND CNN Headline News. Very cool.
    Thank you for the compliment. It's so refreshing to know that we have loyal
    viewers and fans like you!

    You are officially part of our NBC5 News at Sunrise team. Whenever
    news and weather breaks in your neck of the woods, please drop us a line.
    I produce the show and usually check my e-mail for updates right before
    and during the 90-minute show. So we welcome comments and pics from you.

    Have a great day! See you tomorrow morning. :-)

    All the best,

    Laura Cavanaugh
    Once again,
    Can U do This with an iphone? Lol!!! Haa! Haa! Haa! Haaaa!
    07-27-08 05:22 AM
  2. Badsheriff's Avatar
    Nice job there man. Can you post thr pics?

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    07-27-08 05:42 AM
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    Lol if I watched the news I might have seen it. I'm from oregon as well. Good job.

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    07-27-08 06:05 AM
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    Haha congrats...it makes me proud I bought a curve. :-)

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    07-27-08 06:10 AM
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    That is pretty sweet... and what exactly does being part of the team mean? And you met with them?! Give us details come on don't leave us hangin!
    07-27-08 06:12 AM
  6. ever1ast's Avatar
    Yeah! Where's the pics??
    07-27-08 06:14 AM
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    Haa! Haa! Haa! Thanks Bad Sherriff and Cixdk! Yeah Cixdk, it wasn't too long ago that here in Klamath Falls we had Thunderstorms all night throughout the early Morning. Ya gotta shoot me you're PIN so I can stay in touch. If anyone has any news in their area, Please Feel Free to hit me up with your PIN an I'll definitely have it posted with the News here in Oregon. Thanks everybody. 1Kool guy. You're official KOBI5 News at Sunrise Team here :-)
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    07-27-08 06:22 AM
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    Wouldn't let me pm ya on the mobile. Not to sure what a pin even does hah

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    07-27-08 06:43 AM
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    If you would like to see their Pics jus go to KOBI5 - where local news comes first then click on [about us] and then type in there names in the Search Box. It'll give their background history with the News Channel and there photos as well. Thanks to everyone on CB for being so Hilariuos & Complimentive!
    07-27-08 07:02 AM
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    Wouldn't let me pm ya on the mobile. Not to sure what a pin even does hah

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    Uh oh, a pin is how you send BB messenger chats to each other. And seeing that you just posted it in the forum for everybody to see, you could very well be getting a lot of messages in your BB messenger, and unless you're okay with that, I would suggest editing your post and taking it off
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    07-27-08 07:06 AM
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    Hi there balinsol14,
    What does part of the Team mean?
    Well basically its just what Laura Cavanaugh had mentioned in her E-mail to me. If you read her E-mail to me that I posted up, she basically said Whenever
    news and weather breaks in your neck of the woods, please drop us a line.
    Because at times not every Reporter can cover everything that happens just about anywhere. Its like someone saying to you, "Hey, go cover the Tornadoes in the state of Kansas and after you're done their go cover the Floods in Texas and after that go get us the Blackout story in New York. No reporter can cover that much in a short amount of time that they have so as a result, I just happen to be available in the area that I was in & happen to take some snapshots at the Thunderstorms that we had here in 0regon & then send'em off by E-mail via my Blackberry Curve & Lo N behold, my photos ended up being Aired "LIVE" Nationwide on the News. infact one could almost say that I happen to be at the right place at the right time. Also, I would like to encourage anyone who has a Blackberry phone to take some snapshots of anything that happens in you're area & send'em off to your Local News Channel. You just might be Surprised at the response that you get. I know I was pretty Shocked myself but hey, we gotta do something with our BlackBerries. Check it out & see. Then let us know the good News. Then you to can proudly say.........Can U do this with an iphone? I know I am. Lol
    07-27-08 07:30 AM
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    Oh by the way,
    Great comment there balinsol14 regarding the BlackBerry PIN Messenger. Awsome! :-)
    07-27-08 07:38 AM
  13. ballinsol14's Avatar
    Oh by the way,
    Great comment there balinsol14 regarding the BlackBerry PIN Messenger. Awsome! :-)
    Well thank you. And that's great to hear your story. Goodluck to ya in future storms and such!
    07-27-08 07:40 AM
  14. buzzdar's Avatar
    how about you post those pics online for all to see.
    07-27-08 08:39 AM
  15. 1Kool guy's Avatar
    Lol! Checkout buzzdar. Lol! U Crack me up. :-)
    07-27-08 09:01 AM
  16. Badsheriff's Avatar
    I like to see the pics of the storm bro not the newss crew LOL

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    07-27-08 09:04 AM
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    Thank You balinsol14,
    We'll definitely do that. It was really Kool to hear from ya and again, we'll definitely do that. If you happen to share some photo shots with the News Station in your area, don't forget to tell us about it here on CB. Its definitely worth looking into. Thanks again! :-)
    07-27-08 09:07 AM
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    Haa! Haa! Haa! Way to go Bad Sherriff! I wasn't sure which photos you were referring to. Is there anyway that CB will alow us to post up Pics on here? I tried searching around. Also, is there a limit to how many Pics you can post?
    07-27-08 09:11 AM
  19. Chrisy's Avatar
    That's awesome! Good work!

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    07-27-08 09:20 AM
  20. Badsheriff's Avatar
    Yes they let u. First u need to host the pic like on photobucket. Then post them in ur next post with the link provided in photo bucket.

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    07-27-08 10:06 AM
  21. 1Kool guy's Avatar
    Ah Kool! Way to go Badsheriff! Thanks! Definitely sounds like a winner. :-)
    07-27-08 12:12 PM
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    Hi there Chrisy520!
    Thank You for the Compliment, I just encourage anyone to do something like that and ya never know what type of response you might get from your Local News Station! I tell ya, it has been a real treat for me tho. I just figured my photos would only go as far as here in oregon but CNN? CNN is like Nationwide! That really blew me & BlackBerry away there. It was so Kool to hear from you and again, thanks for the Compliment, I greatly appreciate it, everyone here on CB just totally ROCKS!
    07-27-08 12:21 PM
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    Would it be alright if I add you on my BB messenger? Just thought I'd holla at'cha.
    07-27-08 12:47 PM
  24. 1Kool guy's Avatar
    Would it be alright if I add you on my BB messenger? Just thought I'd holla at'cha.

    ~•~1Kool guy~•~
    07-27-08 12:50 PM
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    Haa! Haa! Haa! That's so Funny Megaman81! I'm glad you got a Curve too bro! Lol! Keep up the Humor & all the Best!


    ~•~1Kool guy~•~
    07-27-08 01:06 PM
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