1. ashley911's Avatar
    My cell phone was stolen from a large theme park...well i misplaced it at the park, and when I went back it was gone... A few days later we sent a PIN informing the new owner that it was reported stolen to the Toronto Police dept. The owner PIN'd back telling us that she did not steal this phone, that she bought it off of a person online on Kijiji, but did not have any information as it was deleted in her regular emails over a week ago.

    From the PIN #'s name, I found the 'new owner' on Facebook, and have been communicating with her, she has told me that she felt bad about the situation, and she has now turned the phone into a Fido store in her city (which is over 3 hours away--not sure how my phone got that far!). She said that they would try to send the phone to the owner (me), but it had no SIM card in it. She said she told them the Toronto store i requested to send it to-- should I believe her?
    There has been no activity from the phone since it has been stolen.
    What do i do?
    08-18-10 10:50 PM
  2. rcnathan's Avatar
    The best thing you can do is wait at this point. However, I would report the phone stolen, then talk to them about another phone. If you have insurance that should cover a stolen/lost phone. It may cost your >$100 to get a new phone - but if someone gets their hands on that phone and is stupid - they could rack up a serious phone bill that would be hard to get rid of. "My phone was stolen" doesn't sit to well with a phone company when a large bill is sent. You are best to wait till the end of the week - if you still don't get the phone, then report it stolen.
    08-18-10 10:59 PM
  3. ashley911's Avatar
    I did report it as stolen, to the Toronto police...even though I lost it myself @ the theme park... is that wrong of me?

    The girl that has the phone now, PIN messaged me back... she said that she was going to return it to the Fido store in her city etc,
    She said that she felt bad about the whole thing, being that she bought it off Kijiji online and it didn't have a SIM card in it, so I guess I am not getting any charges racked up?
    I have her name from the PIN#, but she lives a few hours away-- I can't see the Toronto police driving 3 hours to get my stolen phone-- would they?
    08-18-10 11:17 PM
  4. rcnathan's Avatar
    No - I highly doubt they would.

    You need to call your carrier and report the phone stolen to them - and they will put a lock on your account for that phone and SIM card.
    08-18-10 11:29 PM