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    I need some help off the ledge here fellow crackberry members.

    In April I purchased a BB Pink Pearl 8130, it was replaced 3 times and I kept having the same issues with it. The phone wouldn't work (i.e. dead air), it was erasing my call logs, texts, emails.

    Anyway, I got rid of that pain and got the Curve the first week of August. I like it because it has a full keyboard, and seemed more reliable BUT - I had to get it replaced yesterday. On Saturday I noticed when I unplugged my BB from being charged it kept hour glassing every 2-3 seconds even on the home screen. I tried the hard and soft reset several times to no avail. Then within 1-2 hours the battery drained as a result of this hour glassing. I called Verizon and they had never heard of that issue. Anyway, I now have a new curve, this is my 2nd on this month and my 5th BB overall since April.

    Why oh why are these things happening? does anyone have any experience with these issues? By using the browser am I making my BB vulnerable to viruses? is there a level of protection you can put on the phone to prevent this?

    Lastly, each time I have had to replace the phone it is a huge pain to get it set to the way I am used to it with regard to settings, rings, etc. My phone used to blink red when there was any thing unread whether it was text or emails, I am noticing that is not happening? it is just blinking green regardless. Can someone tell me how to fix this?

    Very frustrated BB user, I want to love it but it won't let me
    09-01-08 02:37 PM
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    I would check your wiring in your home, or the power source from where you are charging. You could be experiencing some power spikes that are shortening your device.

    Just a theory.
    09-01-08 02:41 PM
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    Yeah... It really doesn't sound like it could be a Verizon or BB issue. Maybe the changes that you keep doing to each one you've owned are what's messing it up. You could try making only a couple changes, then waiting a day or two and then make some more.


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    09-01-08 02:49 PM
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    Well, from the sounds of it, you were experiencing the memory leak issue with all of your pearls...But to fix the indicator light, go into Options, Screen/Keyboard and change the LED Coverage Indicator to off to stop the blinking green light and check your profiles to see if the repeat notification is on.
    09-01-08 02:55 PM
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    09-01-08 04:01 PM