1. Mysta56's Avatar

    i already had the phone unlocked so i can use it to make calls. When I go to options/media card support, there are no other options there for me to format the card.IT JUST SAYS THAT MEDIA CARD SUPPORT IS OFF AND I CAN'T CHANGE IT.There isn't any Broowser icons on the desktop either. I still need to erase the old software and install Tmobile's. I folled the instrucs to wipe handheld but when it rebooted, At&t Desktop weas still there!!! HELP

    Thank you for your spedy reply. I really appreciated it!!!! All valuable info!! This phone is so Frustrating!!!!

    09-06-09 06:58 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    1. Do you have a Media Card installed in the device? Is it installed correctly?

    2. Do you have a BlackBerry Data Plan? Without one, you won't see the BlackBerry Browser icon.

    3. You can't change the splash screen. Even if the device is unlocked, you will still see the original carrier.
    09-06-09 09:26 PM