1. dkostetsky's Avatar
    I recently purchased my first BB a few days ago (yay me!) and put in a 4g media card. I uploaded music last night to the data card, but when I go to the media player and hit 'Shuffle Songs' it only plays the first few seconds of a song before moving to the next one. I took the battery out and now it will play up to a whole minute of a song but then will move to the next song. However, if I go to the song list and just select the song I want to listen to it plays the whole way through. The data card is not full and I have the most current OS. Has anyone run into this problem before?

    I searched around the forum and couldn't find an answer, and before anyone suggests it, it was 'Shuffle Songs' and not 'Sample Songs'

    03-04-09 10:08 AM
  2. BadBob's Avatar
    Not sure if this is relevant or not; but did you format your card and if so, did you format it from the BB or your computer? You should format it from your BB... If you've done that, then I don't know the answer here, sorry.
    03-04-09 04:58 PM