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    I am a recent BB convert from Treo and I love my 8330. My one beef is the limited onboard memory and inability to run applications directly from the storage (On the Palm OS side there was a great program called PowerRun which did this). Also, memory-leaky apps drive me crazy! I do all the standard maintenance to free up memory (delete unused apps, routinely clear all logs, etc), and regularly use Quik-Pull, Memory Up and Memory Booster (on a given day, my free memory can fluctuate up to 8 MB). So my questions are: short of not using memory leaky apps, is there anything more I could be doing? What is the best memory recovery app? Is there an app like Palm OS PowerRun which will truly allow running apps from the card (not just store them)?

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    08-15-09 03:13 PM
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    Hello and welcome to crackberry! Check out the thread 'how to increase blackberry's file free memory" linked as memory optimization in my signature. It should help you do some house cleaning...
    08-15-09 03:19 PM
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    There is no app that will allow you to run the app directly from the memory card.

    The closest thing is Aerize Card Loader, but that app only allows you to store apps on your media card and then install the app to device memory when you need to use it.
    08-15-09 03:21 PM