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    Okay, 2 weeks ago I bought an 8gb (Class 2) Sandisk SDHC for my Curve 8330 running OS 4.5. Whenever I took a pic, it would take a few seconds to save it before I could take another pic. I didn't have this problem with the
    2gb card that I was replacing. I did some research and found out that a class 4 card would save faster.
    So.......this week I bought another 8GB card (a class 4 this time), and I am still having a slow save time between pics. Video recording runs slower too between commands (rec-pause-stop-save, etc). I have a few hundred pics on the new card, about 128mb and about 168mb of vids. But its an 8GB class 4 card. I don't see why it should take so long to save before it lets me take another pic. Again, I did not have this lag time with my old 2GB card. But am still having the problem with both 8gb cards.

    I thought that maybe there could be a problem with the phone itself, but it wasn't running that slow with the 2GB card.

    Yes, I have done numerous batt pulls and still he problem persists.

    Here's some info on my phone.I hope this helps...

    Phone: Curve 8330

    OS: v4.5.0.131 on a 8330

    Themes: BB Factory themes. 8900-like and Storm-like themes

    Games: Brick Breaker, Midevil Chess

    Apps: BB App World, BB Weather, Google Mobile, Google Maps, Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, Sprint Music Store, NFL Mobile Live, Yankees Shortcut, Pocket Express, Pandora, YouTube Web, Moblyng Moble Videos, Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Aol Instant Messenger, Docs to Go, Stock Viewer, ETrade Mobile Pro, Smarter Agent

    What gives?
    Any suggestions on how I can fix this problem (settings, etc)

    Suggestions will be appreciated. Anyone?
    08-08-09 06:40 PM
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    Maybe you have too many applications open at the same time. Try closing all the open applications before you take your pics to free up the memory.
    08-08-09 11:30 PM
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    I have the 4.5 OS on my 8330. I have a 2GB Mini Card which I thought was just fine. As I have been adding music files all of a sudden I was out of space. When I checked I found that 966mb was the total available space not 2GB. I tried to reformat via the cable and desktop but it also only reads 966mb and 'default allocation size" with no other options.......Is there a work around? Verizon ..CDMA.
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    08-08-09 11:55 PM