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    New to the 8330. I can't see any pictures on my media card. It's like it is not recognizing the card at all. Also, connecting to my PC. Does anyone have a good link to the software that I need for this.

    08-08-09 10:33 AM
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    May I respectfully suggest the first thing to do is to inspect the installation to make sure it's installed properly? On the 8330, this will also necessitate removing the battery, which is a good test in itself and may fix your problem.

    You don't need any special software to see the media card on your PC. Just connect via USB, make sure you have Mass Storage Mode set to On or Prompt>Yes, and the PC should see the card. It will show up in Windows Explorer just like any flash drive or SD card. On mine it reports as "BlackBerry" but that may be only after it's formattted by the BlackBerry, not sure.

    That would actually be a good test. It would prove that card is properly installed and working.

    You could remove the card and try to read it directly from the PC using a card reader or MicroSD slot on the PC.

    Also try to format the card in the BlackBerry - Options > Media Card > MenuKey > Format Card.

    If none of these tests result in a readable card, you may have a bad card although the failure rate for SD cards is extremely low.

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    08-08-09 11:09 AM
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    Thanks for the reply. I was asking about looking at my media card without being connected to my pc. Yesterday, I used one of my pics from my card for my front screen pic. Today when I go to Media, it goes right to the camera memory, not the card?
    08-08-09 11:46 AM
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    So yesterday, you could browse your media card using Explorer on your BB and today, the media card is not recognized by Explorer. Is that correct?

    What might you have changed on your BB since the last time you could browse the media card?

    Regardless, the first thing to try is a battery pull.
    08-08-09 11:50 AM
  5. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    As jbeachy indicated, it sounds like the card may not be properly seated in the device. Try taking the card out and re-seating it.

    If that doesn't work, try copying the contents of the card to a computer, re-formatting the card, and copying the contents back to the card.
    08-08-09 11:52 AM
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    Make sure your media is set to save to memory card as default. Also, the phone cannot access the memory card while the phone is connected to the computer via usb.
    08-08-09 12:27 PM
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    not to hijack but just how big of a card can the curve accept?

    specifically the sprint 8330
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    08-08-09 05:22 PM
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    Don't hijack. Start your own thread.
    08-08-09 08:30 PM
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    technically i didnt thread jack its topical to the thread.
    and thanks for nothing
    08-09-09 01:24 PM
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    I'm sorry but motorcycle mama has a point. We have to keep the forums clean so that subject relates and helps others, also you may want to use the search function. To answer your question though the size of the card is os related. I believe with 4.5 you can use up to 16 gbs. I'm not positive though. Search and you shall find the answer.

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    08-09-09 01:53 PM
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    thanks for the reply douglasfamily thats what i was lookin for.
    oddly enough a search of "media card" in this very forum lead me to this very thread.
    08-09-09 04:38 PM
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    thanks for the reply douglasfamily thats what i was lookin for.
    oddly enough a search of "media card" in this very forum lead me to this very thread.
    LOL thats funny. But I have seen this posted before and luckily I saved it for future reference.

    I hope this is Ok to post:

    BlackBerry Device Software Media Card Size Limit
    BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.0 -- Up to 2 GB
    BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.1 -- Up to 4 GB
    BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.2 -- Up to 4 GB
    BlackBerry Device Software 4.3.0 -- Up to 8 GB
    BlackBerry Device Software 4.5.0 -- Up to 8 GB
    BlackBerry Device Software and above -- Up to 16 GB
    BlackBerry Device Software 4.6.0 -- Up to 16 GB
    08-09-09 04:51 PM