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    Hi, first time poster here at CB, LONG time surfer. So many great informative posts, but this one is a two threaded question. Not sure where it belongs or who will derail it so I'm just going to start out with the beginning.

    Currently I have a BB Pearl (8100), with T-mobile. While I love my device I'm ready for a full QWERTY and also just ready to move on. I have several devices and carriers in mind.

    AT&T: Bold/iPhone
    Sprint: 8330
    T-Mobile: 8900

    I don't need a comparison of each device. My question comes to play in that, the best cell phone plan package is of course, sprints 'everything' plan; however their selection is somewhat limited. Everything else is, well, expensive.

    So the million dollar question after the wall o' text is, what is the longevity of the 8330 currently? I mean do you see it being a useful object in the future or are apps going to be slowly written into 4.7 and beyond so much so that any future applications will only support newer OS's? Also the question comes about if the phone it self will be supported. This makes a lot of difference to me, I may not know that much about 'Blackberry's' in particular, but I do understand technology. I have compared these phones, and outside of the form factor, the Curve (8330) is a Pearl at heart.

    Either way my Fiancee and I will be getting the same phone, so money is a factor on a family plan; Which means that dropping 800 bucks on two 9000s from AT&T is a bit pricey. And while the iphone is very much on the table I'm just not sure if its a gimmick, sorry(Read: PLEASE DON'T SHOOT!) and TMobile has crap reception where she lives.

    I am just not wanting to get into a 2yr contract with a phone that's already 2years old (tech wise) just to find out in 6 months its gonna get hung out to dry when new tech finally catches up to sprint. I.E. Palm Pre.

    Thanks for any information you can give me about the life expectancy of the 8330.

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    Well just like computers as soon as you buy a phone it is outdated.
    I don't believe the they will ever stop making software for the curve. You can keep updating the os with official or beta os's
    Yes the curve is a pearl at heart but with a full keyboard,bigger screen and a boatload more memory.
    They are talking (rumors) of the bold or new curve coming to sprint in Q3 but nothing is set in stone.
    As far as sprint's everything plan I know you can get unlimited everything and 1500 mins for 129 because that is what I am on rite now.
    The curve with them is only going to run you 100 dollars so you save 600 dollars from att off the batt.
    All I know about is the sprint side of things so hopefully someone can educate you on the other phones.
    Just as a final note I really!!!!!! Love my sprint curve.

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    The curve is a great device and I'm sure they will support it for a long time. Look at the 8700's, they have 4,5 OS. One thing to ponder is that gsm devices seem to get OS releases faster than the cdma devices do. With Tmo 8900 you get wifi so if you have a router coverage at home isnt an issue. I share 1000 minutes and unlimited data on two curves and unlimited email plan ontwo other ones for under 200 bucks.
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    Thanks guys! I guess my biggest concern is buying a device that is already outdated. Its not like I'm not wanting a bold, or its faster processor, ram and better display. I just can't afford it.is there a strong curve modding market? I mean outside of just chaning the case, I have seen a blacked out 8320 that was just sweet looking! Oh and how does video play? I am looking for an all in one device, I have an mp3 player but just wondering if the curves media player is any better?

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    All of the media players are about the same imo.
    The bold does have a bigger and better screen than the curve but they all do play videos.
    I use mine instead of an ipod now at the gym. I have an 8gb card in my phone and a ton of songs.
    There is a website called cnn.cn or something that sell all sorts of aftermarket things for the curve.
    The bold is a newer device but the curve has been out longer and a lot more people have the curves so there are a lot of themes and other 3rd party software for them as of now

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