1. serlib's Avatar
    I bought a new 8320 on Ebay. When trying to register the BB with a local provider I received a message telling me that the device has already been registered on another service provider.
    How can I determine on which provider it has been registered and how can I de-register it from that provider? Someone told me that it is locked for data service and that it has to be unlocked.
    Can someone give an idea what to do?
    Thanks in advance for all your help
    07-15-10 09:32 PM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    whoever sold you the device, needs to contact their carrier and have the PIN and IMEI released off of their BIS account. its basically like me trying to register a car thats already registered to you without you signing over the title. basically, they either have an outstanding balance and the PIN is locked to their account, or it simply wasnt deleted off their account prior to the sale. you must contact them to do this, as they are the only ones authorized to do it. considering its an 8320, if you are in the US, its most likely t-mobile. is there any t-mobile branding on the phone? you will not be able to register the phones PIN onto your account until its deleted off theirs.
    07-16-10 12:54 AM