1. scoot05redss's Avatar
    My boss mans 8330 with sprint, when you lock the phone, every 3-5 seconds the backlight when come on, then 3-5 seconds later it goes off again! This continues as long as its locked. He hasn't downloaded anything new, his been running the same 4.5 for about 5 months! Any ideas? Thanks guys?

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    08-11-09 07:11 PM
  2. iowabowtech's Avatar
    Hate to bring up the old tired answer but have you tried a battery pull on it? Might not be a bad first effort to eliminate the easy stuff.
    08-11-09 07:30 PM
  3. scoot05redss's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestion! I'm the king of BP's lol. We tried that and the issue is still occuring. Idk what's going on with it!

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    08-12-09 02:30 PM
  4. 8330 Curves's Avatar
    I was experiencing the same exact problem. I did a soft reset of the phone.

    Alt + right shift + delete, and now - no flashing.

    Try that!
    08-12-09 03:18 PM