1. dberricrz's Avatar
    Hey I cant get my lock button at the top of my 8900 to work again. Nothing happens when I press it! To unlock I have to press * then "Call Button"
    That's sooo un-8900 lol! Can anyone help? Where do I go to reset the lock function button????
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    06-20-09 06:41 AM
  2. flybabyroxy's Avatar
    I'm sorry to hear about ur problem. It sounds like it might be sumthin wrong wit the phone itself so I would call my carrier and see wat they say. If its still under warranty u shouldn't have a problem gettin it fixed/replaced. Good luck

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    06-20-09 07:35 AM
  3. lazerus's Avatar
    Watch the dissambly video and take yer bb apart if u feel komfortable. Sounds like the little metal contacts got clobbered.

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    06-20-09 07:51 AM
  4. aristile's Avatar
    Taking the device apart will void your warranty so I would check with your carrier first and try to get a replacement device.
    06-20-09 11:36 AM
  5. dberricrz's Avatar
    OK my 8900 is locking up when I am typing an email or sms message! Any one ever experience this or can help????
    06-21-09 01:56 PM
  6. c_86's Avatar
    dberricrz do a battery pull while the phone is on
    06-21-09 02:07 PM
  7. Username00089's Avatar
    The phone hasn't been out that long. If you're already getting a faulty button
    call your carrier and get a warranty replacement. You shouldn't have to try to
    fix the problem yourself. Let it be their problem.
    06-21-09 02:40 PM
  8. gtaryder08's Avatar
    But if not under warranty would do the research for takin it apart .......... Its not as hard as people make it sound the first time it will be nerve racking but now when I take mine apart its like opening a door lol its very easy if u ask me .

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    06-21-09 04:36 PM
  9. UAKidsDad's Avatar
    I had the same problem with the button not locking and unlocking the phone. I pulled the battery and now it works like a charm!
    07-28-09 01:45 PM
  10. 03_X's Avatar
    throw it against a wall.. that always seems to help! haha... calling ur carrier would be the best advice... im on 8900 #3 lol
    07-28-09 01:50 PM
  11. ultra_magnetic's Avatar
    Aye fellas!

    Within 30 days of a purchase the
    store is supposed to replace it brand new.
    After 30 days you'll need to contact RIM technical support
    and they will send you a refurbished one and extend the
    Manufacturer warrany by 90 days. If warranty has expired
    then I wish you the best luck.

    Had exact problem happened 2 weeks after 8900 was
    bought. Simply called service provider and they
    adviced me to visit the store I bought it from.
    Received a brand new one after a rep confirmed
    it was defective.


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    07-28-09 02:07 PM
  12. jcliao's Avatar
    Aggh! The same thing happened to my 8900! I just got it as a gift 1 week ago and now the UNLOCK button doesn't work.
    I've already tried taking out the battery, but it still doesn't work. This really sucks... having to take time/trouble to have it repaired when it is ONLY 1 WEEK old.
    08-11-09 04:02 PM