1. megryanshep's Avatar
    hi there! so i was just wondering.. my led screen is screwed.. i have pink lines starting to form on it (i assume the pink is from my background and seeping through but now they just wont go away) and i was wondering.. how much would it cost to fix ? is it expensive or a decent price ? and does anyone know any good sites to order a new one from that wont burn a huge hole in my pocket ? im a student! i need cheap! lol
    08-16-09 09:22 AM
  2. OmegaF150's Avatar
    Here ya go
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    35 bucks is about the going rate for the lcd, I haven't seen it cheaper.

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    08-16-09 10:03 AM
  3. itsdollar's Avatar
    If you mean the outer screen, that is even cheaper and easier to fix. Looks like you may mean the actual LCD though. Good luck
    08-16-09 10:26 AM