1. BerrySky's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I was sending a photo to myself and recently discovered that there was a pretty bad lag when I was doing this. What I did was took a picture, select "Send" and then it will come up with that window to select how you want to send it, (i.e. SMS, Email) and when I scroll the trackball down, it is really laggy. I am using the original OS (.77) and I am also using the original Verizon theme. Anyone else noticing this?

    08-10-09 09:19 PM
  2. mikeyg164's Avatar
    Im on att and sometimes I experience the same issue....a battery pull always fixes it for me.
    08-10-09 09:53 PM
  3. digitard's Avatar
    It seems to get worse as your list gets longer and longer. I'm partial to it because I hide my SENT SMS/MMS so when I wipe my list if I don't ermember to view that first I forget.

    After a clear of my SMS/MMS (I do it weekly since i use a lot of text/mms) it clears up.
    08-10-09 10:27 PM