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    After going to options and then to screen/keyboard and then down to key tone, I've always had it set to "no." I don't like to hear a sound every time I hit a key.

    However, just a few minutes ago, I hit the *86 keys to check my voicemail and I heard a sound for each button. It's not making any sounds when I text, only when I'm hitting #'s to dial.

    This is when I'm using the "Normal" profile. When I use the "Quiet" profile, it doesn't make any noise when dialing. Maybe I just haven't noticed it before b/c 98% of the calls I'm making are people that are in my address book.

    Is there a way to silence the phone when dialing a number in "Normal"?
    09-22-08 04:24 PM
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    09-22-08 04:48 PM