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    somebody can help me please? by mistake i did delete the icon that let me get into the internet, i just have the icon that just said browse, i used to have two, one for regular internet and the other one for wi-fi, at this moment it only the wi-fi is working with the browse icon. i have bb 8320 wi-fi. the network is a... also i pay regular interner service with this comp. i deleted it when i did upgrade my cell. i hope somebody can help me fix this problem.
    06-06-10 07:22 PM
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    Check under Options / Advanced Options / Browser.

    The normal setting is: Internet Browser. This setting allows the Browser to use BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) to provide data to the Browser.

    If you change the setting to: Hotspot Browser, the Browser uses Wifi to access the internet.
    06-07-10 09:46 AM
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    thank you so much for your help and your time... and as soon as i resolve the problem i will inform you what happend

    thank you
    06-07-10 08:05 PM
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    I did it the way you told me to do it but when i get into the browse the word wi-fi is highlighted i pressed it and the word wi-fi remained the same...do you know how to erase it from hot spot.
    please would you help me again...
    thank you for your time
    06-07-10 08:45 PM
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    I am confused too. The word Wi-Fi should not appear in the selection list with the current device software.

    Please check which software you have installed with: Options / About.

    (Look for the Wrench icon to open Options.) The information you are looking for should appears as: v4.x.x.xxx
    06-08-10 10:15 AM
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    i did send an email to the people that sold me the blackberry cell phone and they said, that i needed to be suscribe to the blackberry company in order to have internet. but i went to the at&t agency to hook up my cell phone, but they couldnt do it, because the internet didnt work, and it didnt work because the wi-fi didnt let it work. the software that my blackberry has its v4.2.2184 (platform thank you so much for your time. sorry i forgot to mention that, when i received the cell phone it was working fine it used to two browsers one for media met and other one was for wi-fi, but when I updated the version on blackberry.com the browser net erased.
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    06-09-10 01:10 AM
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    v4.2.2184 ...
    That explains the differences we are seeing between Wifi/Hotspot Browser. My 8320 came with a later version of OS software and I have upgraded it several times since.

    also i pay regular internet service with this comp. ...

    i needed to be suscribe to the blackberry company in order to have internet. ...

    at&t agency to hook up my cell phone, but they couldnt do it, because the internet didnt work, ...
    I would suggest that you upgrade your device OS software to v4.5xx. That should resolve the problem with two seperate Browsers in addition to several major improvements in the software.


    Next, in order for the Internet Browser to work, you do have to subscribe to the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) plan through your carrier. Once that is in place, you will be able to use Email, Internet, BlackBerry Messenger and third party software.
    06-09-10 09:34 AM
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    my brother, thank you so much, i reallyappreciate for your help, and one more time, thank you, and now you might close the threat.
    06-09-10 02:24 PM