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    Just got a Blackberry 8520... never had one before always been Nokia..

    This Blackberry was a pressie from my husband, so he got it from an Orange shop, he told them he wanted it on pay as you go, and that i wanted to keep my number, the man who sold him the phone said i could just put my old sim in this blackberry, which i have done but i can not get on line with orange, it says in top right corner "gprs" .. now i have set it up to my wireless at home, but obviously its no good when i am out and about...

    i have read on some threads that you have to get blackberry service, so who do i ring, and do i have to pay for this service?

    as with my nokia pay as you go i got free internet with my top ups

    also noticed when i am on my wireless, that it sometimes says 02, BUT im on Orange??

    thanks for any help
    05-26-10 10:29 AM
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    Ring Orange.

    Ask for PAYG BlackBerry Internet Service.

    Manage Connections > Network settings

    See if it's set for the right provider. Set to manual and let it find the networks then set it up as you see fit.
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    05-26-10 10:47 AM
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    well i have done that, and apparently i have to pay 5 to use internet, as you can only use blackberry services to go online, i think this is abit of a rip off, as it was free on my nokia phone, so to use free internet i have to swap my sim card into my old phone
    05-27-10 08:23 AM
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    128bits encryption, push email, access to all apps, on payg, for 5/month... both each to its own...
    05-27-10 09:50 AM
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    It is possible, in a slightly hacky way, gives you working GPRS internet via the Blackberry browser but no access to data plan specific places like app world or push email.

    I (also on Orange PAYG) managed using these links:


    Backing up and replacing your service books with
    "Service book Anworm TCp & Wifi (select mode)"
    _should_ enable the non-hotspot browser without having to edit them with magic berry.

    I used the other one:
    Backed up my service books
    Merged the "Service book Anworm TCP for All Network" with my own service books using magic berry
    Put the result back on my phone
    Since Orange only provides us with service books for wifi I probably over complicated this and should have just used "Service book Anworm TCp & Wifi (select mode)", but hey either method should work. and if not, just restore your backup.

    You have to change the browser from hotspot to non-hotspot each time you want to use it under settings but it works fine

    Hope that helps

    If not, Opera Mini is good

    Also, even though this works, I do keep getting tempted to pay for the data plan because with the 100MB free web access, and 300 txts per mo for 10 topup, my credit is stacking up (I don't make calls or go over limits anymore) so I may aswell get the benefits of it for 5/mo.

    I assumed you had set up the APN stuff as you had a gprs signal but just in case:
    Options, Advanced, TCP/IP, Enable APN Settings, type orangeinternet as the APN, leave the auth disabled.
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    05-27-10 10:57 AM