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    Hi, I'm a noob here and with blackberries, and would like to know if is possible to use AIM(always get the error: service not enable for this handheld), MSN (stays login in and now error or log in), GTALK (Same as MSN) through WIFI?
    I can sufr the web

    The other question is possible to save, Themes and appz in the memory card and work from there?

    I have a Blackberry 8320, from TMOBILE, but I unlocked it, thanks to a guide here with tmobile unlock code, I'm in dominican republic with claro company, no data plan (I know is a must, but I work from home, just wanted work when I'm @ the mall, no good reception there, but good wifi), I upgraded to the OS thanks to another guide here... but I can seem to find a solution and an answer to those problems....

    Also I would like to know which is the lastest OS for an Unlocked 8320, that not depend from any Carrier.

    Last but not least, I can't seem to find the blackberry maps, I instaled, I find it in application menu, but not in the Icons menu?

    thanks for your time
    09-28-09 12:28 PM
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    Ok first you need to have the data plan for everything work, is you can use the wifi is goof cuase help you in case you have low kb in the data plan hired, so you will need a data plan for everything to work an then you can see the bb maps

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    09-28-09 12:50 PM
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    ok, I need a data plan for everything to work it doesn't matter if it has wifi or not, the wifi is only good for surfing, not chatting, also the BB messenger needs the dataplan???

    is there other chat program that can be used and works with wifi??
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    BB messenger runs thru blackberry, so you need either a BIS or a BES to use it, and you get a BIS by paying for a data package.

    I believe there is no way to put apps on your media card. They run on internal memory. Same with themes.

    If you can see BBmaps in the app list but not the icon, try clicking menu>show all.

    Latest OS are listed at the top of this forum; I'm currently running .169, which is not supported by my network, but it seems to be better than what they gave me.
    09-28-09 01:13 PM
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    Wifi is built into the BlackBerry to support Unlicenced Mobile Access. You do need the support of your carrier to make it function correctly.

    Your carrier does not support UMA, so your BlackBerry is limited in the fuctions that Wifi can support.

    You will find a discussion of Wifi Only use in the Wifi sub-forum, there are third party IM applications that will work with Wifi.

    09-28-09 01:21 PM
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    thank guys...

    I did what you told me monkey, but still no luck w/bbmaps, and I think is cuz I don't have a data plan, here is sort of expensive and I spend most of the day in the house...but most of the places I go have wifi zones...

    The think is monkeee that those OS are for carries...I'm trying to search the ones that goes for the unlocked BBs?

    I'll look for a third party IM apps...thanks Reed Mclay..any recommendation?
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