1. BlessedMystiQue's Avatar
    I have a fairly new unlocked 8300. Latest OS

    Boots perfectly without SIM, boots perfectly with Go-phone SIM....

    BUT will not boot/start up with my T-mobile SIM card, it goes into the white screen with hourglass --> flashing red light cycle

    I have tried:
    -- a lot of battery pulls
    -- letting it breathe without battery/SIM for a while

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    03-14-10 12:50 AM
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    I'm having the same issue with my blackberry 8100, have tried different OS's as well as the original OS specified from T-Mobile's website which is the specified service provider of the phone. I don't have another working sim card to test if it works with it but the original sim card tried in the phone works on a Samsung Gravity. It would help greatly to hear some thoughts of the CB heads.

    07-01-10 08:05 PM