1. costasskoullos's Avatar
    Hey guys - I am a new poster and I have a problem that maybe somebody can help me with. I have had the 8900 for 18 months and for the last 3-4 months (I believe it is after a major upgrade, maybe to OS 5) I have a problem with my email inbox. I lose my most recent emails, for today and the last 2-3 days. They just disappear, if my memory was full I should be losing the older emails. Also I have practiclly no applications on the phone, and I do a battery pull once a week.
    Can somebody please help me!!
    11-25-10 12:52 AM
  2. rcnathan's Avatar
    Welcome to the Crackberry Forums, Cost!

    Could you give us a little more information? What OS version are you running, what email service do you use, are you using BIS or corporate email servers?

    You would need to have a TON of emails before the memory would start to do things to your device. But, your phone would pretty much stop working before that ever happens - so I do not think it is a memory issue.
    11-26-10 02:15 AM
  3. costasskoullos's Avatar
    Dear Nathan,

    Thank you for the reply to my problem, to answer a few of your questions:

    My BB OS version is v5.0.0.822 (Bundle 1385, Platform

    I work through MTN Cyprus, but all of my friends dont have the same problem.

    I think I may have discovered something by mistake: My laptop has just died on me last Thursday, meaning I can only read my email through my BB, and surprise surprise, the emails are not deleted from my BB. It seems that the emails are deleted from my BB, only after they are read from my laptop, is this possible??

    Thanks again for your help, much appreciated!!
    11-29-10 07:21 AM