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    Everyday some of us are always looking for a web site that we posted a link or a direct line to BlackBerry Support or even NEXTEL Customer Care. Well I am taken it upon myself to create this thread to keep all those things in a location that we ALL have easy access to whether we are at home, work, or via the BB themselves.

    Web Sites

    Sprint Homepage

    Research In Motion

    BlackBerry Internet Service NEXTEL |

    How do I resend my service books?

    How to Wipe/Upgrade/Downgrade

    8350i Latest Software Download

    JerryD's Application Download Links

    CB Application Store

    CB Accessory Store

    CB Free Ringtones

    CB Free Wallpapers

    The most important link on CrackBerry.com

    Desktop Manager for MAC Users

    BlackBerry Curve 8350i Themes




    BlackBerry - Tips and Tricks for the BlackBerry Curve 8300 Series

    What does NXTL mean?

    Explanation Of Each BlackBerry Service Book Type

    Phone Numbers
    I strongly recommend that you call from another phone other than the phone you are have the issue with.

    NEXTEL Customer Care

    BlackBerry Tech Support

    Email Addresses

    Daniel Hesse CEO and President of Sprint/NEXTEL

    Daniel Hesse His Second Email Address

    Sprint/NEXTEL Customer Service


    BlackBerry Internet Service


    Link to Telus Support Phone Numbers

    Asked to remove Email, if you have it PLEASE do not post it Executive Customer Relations Advisor

    Telus 8350i Support



    If you see an error or would like me to add something, please Private Message me. If we get 100 people posting links, numbers, or addresses we would have to look through all the posts to find what we are looking for. Don't be afraid. I will post it (after i check it out). Also if you do PM me with something, give a description of what it is.
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