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    I did do a forum search for this, found 2 links (but I can't post them here, argh!!), yet I still can't get past this. (They mention exporting from the 680 to Outlook, then importing into the Desktop Manager, or using the Change Devices Wizard in Desktop Manager.)

    One post suggested exporting the Treo 680 contacts/memos/calendar entries as ASCII files (I did it as CSV comma-delimited), but despite numerous efforts of looking all over the place I simply can't see in the Blackberry Desktop Manager anywhere where it gives me the option to import it. I do have Outlook, but not installed--lately I just don't use it, and I'd really rather not have to install it just for this purpose.

    I did try the change devices wizard, but my computer's USB's seems overloaded trying to handle both devices at the same time. I guess I could overcome this with some tinkering, maybe I'm just lazy?

    Is there something I'm missing to getting this done?
    08-07-09 05:40 PM
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    Do you already use outlook? If not, you can set the Palm desktop software to use Outlook. It will automatically transfer everything to outlook. When you plug in your BB and open your DM it should transfer to the BB automatically as long as you have it set to sync both ways with the BB.
    08-07-09 08:17 PM
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    I have Outlook XP, but it's not installed. I haven't used it in a while due to the prospect of my owning a GMail account & the Treo 650/680 I used before accessing it via POP3 access & thus there was lack of synchronicity. However maybe I should use it now because, with the GMail applet I use, it's synchronized anyway.

    Regardless, currently, I don't have it installed, and didn't want to have to install it just to fix this.

    Also, as I stated in another thread here entitled Restore Memos/Contacts ONLY, I have used a Curve before up til July 2009, and had it backed up through Desktop Manager. I could use that backup, and just figure out what's been added since (not much really), but I only want it to restore the memos & contacts and NOTHING ELSE--and can't seem to figure out how to make it do that. If I could, that would be fine.

    Follow-up: I have done that now, so I'm okay. The thread is located at tinyurl/kt35r9 (I still can't post full links, if you know the syntax for a tinyurl link you know how to reconstruct that & thus get there).

    So, I guess, problem solved.
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