1. jasonpatton's Avatar
    I'm pretty much a noob, and I was hoping one you wise sages could help me with this issue. I was wondering is there is a way to download a an icon image (.png) off the internet and use it as the icon for a folder I created. I mean, instead of the 6 or 7 choices RIM gives you. I can understand not being able to change the icon for an application but what about a folder that I created?
    08-07-09 11:06 AM
  2. Michael Hepples's Avatar
    The only way to change the icons is to integrate them with a custom theme. No way to do what you are suggesting in the native OS.

    However, that being said, if you are using the stock theme, it would be very simple to integrate the icon you are looking to use into a slightly modified stock theme template. If you have Plazmic, it would take you about 5 minutes.
    08-07-09 11:09 AM
  3. RickyRoss10's Avatar
    There is a way to do it using BBFileScout. I'll try and find the instructions.

    Found it. Here are the instructions and here is the OTA link for BBFileScout.
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    08-07-09 11:40 AM
  4. jasonpatton's Avatar
    thanks so much
    08-07-09 12:02 PM