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    Hey guys,

    So i have had my BB Curve 8900 for about 6 months now and I really love everything about it. I have learned so much about BB thanks to Crackberry.com and its community. However, I have been closely following the developments in the Android OS and it's looking pretty good. Now Tmobile is getting the mytouch 3g and it looks tempting. I am a big fan of the physical keyboard and the mytouch is all touch screen but the android OS just seems so much more flexible and has so many apps. So what are your thoughts on this? Has anyone made the switch to a G1?
    08-01-09 11:12 AM
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    The thing about the G1 is that while the OS is promising, the device is just not up to par yet. I think by the 3rd version of the device, it will be good and probably good competition for BB. Everyone I know who has had the G1 ended up returning it for one reason or another - size, battery life, hardware bugs, etc. I can't say that I can remember anyone who loves the hardware. I say give it a shot if you are really interested but be sure to make your decision before the 14 day return policy is up.

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    08-01-09 12:27 PM
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    I had the G1 for about 2 months before it was destroyed by a wash machine and a careless owner(me). Honestly, it had turned me off the touch screen market (again) and I was able to find my way to Blackberry. I bought the Bold unlocked because I didn't want to be stuck with the G1 again if I was going to pay for another phone outright. I have no idea what I was thinking when I tried the Palm Pre (had to switch to Sprint) but I digress. I will not own another HTC device so long as I live. Out of all of them, I was batting 1000 with device freezes and hangups. Some of them were touch screens and some (such as the Dash) were not. I was so used to having to do battery pulls that I thought it was normal. Now I know better. Maybe a restart here and there to clear out the memory but having to do battery pulls/reboots to make a phone call is rediculous. One positive experience I did have with the device was all the open source apps that could be found for Android. It was a lot of fun trying them out. Sometimes it sucked when someone released one that was so buggy I would have to wipe the device but I got pretty good at back up and restoration. I would say the G1 is the better of the devices that they (HTC) offers but I wouldn't want to be stuck depending on one for a phone again. IMO One thing to note: I could never figure out if it was the OS or hardware that I kept having problems with on my G1. I may have just had a bad device but my complaints were pretty much identical to those of others I had read about.
    08-01-09 12:41 PM