1. sammylee's Avatar
    Hello,plz I got a 8310 and its frm AT&T but I changed my career.but this is the problem.My phone has been doing this hour clock thing lately and I hav to pull my battery 10times a day,but now I want to free my phone memory space by deleting some app that I don't use or never use or know how to use but am scared that it might affect the phone.those app are AT&T navigator,document to-go.If I delete this two app dat are big file app,would it damage my phone??? And also I have a facebook,push to talk app,but I can't see them on my application list.what do I do??

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    06-13-10 03:12 PM
  2. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    You can delete both of those without damaging your phone. You can also delete things such as tasks, notepad and help if you will not find yourself using them. Deleting these will not negatively affect your device.
    06-13-10 03:14 PM
  3. xliderider's Avatar
    The push to talk app can be removed using CrackMem or Shrink a OS, or even removed manually from your Java folder, if you know what file to remove.

    Facebook is pushed to your device through the service books, so even if you remove it, it will return the next time service books are sent to your device (reboot, etc.), so the best that you can do is to hide the icon. As long as you don't load the app, the icon doesn't take much memory.
    06-13-10 03:24 PM