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    I used to have internet on my BB last year and got my email configured all fine... then I cancelled my internet contract. I remember thinking I shoudl delete the icon as it was no good to me since I had no internet anymore, so I did something. I don't think I deleted it as I don't think that's possible? Maybe I just hid it, but, and I have read so many posts about this, there is no option on my phone to "show all".

    I now have internet again and wanted to configure my emails, btu it doesn't work. Does anyone have know what I can do to get emails back?! I tried the "set up email" menu but I am told there is already an account, then I try to log on but not sure what logon to use, tried the same as my email but that doesn't work...

    Also, I only had my hotmail configured but I would also like my work email (outlook) to be configured to my phone. Is that possible?

    Thank you all in advance!
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    06-24-10 05:06 AM
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    Oh please? Anyone??

    I also started having problems with the battery. I would always brag about being able to use my phone almost 4 days without charging it, and now its a matter of hours. I go to work fully charged and it is almost dead at 5pm when I go home!! Is it just a matter of getting a new battery? I have had my phone since July 2009... would of though it last for longer than that!??!

    06-25-10 01:50 PM