1. David Mac2's Avatar
    What may be the advantages, if any, to upgrade my BB Curve 8330 to a more recent BB and how should evaluate a newer BB? That is, they seem to be so complex, how in the heck do I evaluate what is appropriate for me.

    I am a Senior, I talk, text, shop, and do email online I also stream video and music weekly. I will have an online presence, i.e. internet business established within 5 wks.
    04-29-15 03:00 PM
  2. sedalia066's Avatar
    The new phones are much more sophisticated in function. Overall the latest ones with BB10 may be the best phones on the market today. The OS is a bit tricky to learn at first but there are videos on the phone. The big question may be keyboard or not. I, too, am a senior but the full touch of the Z30 works fine for me. Many business people prefer the Passport and my family prefer the Classic. Lots is in the user. Verizon makes for a somewhat limited choice due to the carrier. ATT and other GSM networks offer more options.

    My suggestion is to touch the phones if possible. Spend some time in the store getting a feel for the devices. Watch the videos here at CrackBerry to see how the OS works. The transition may not be simple but the end result may be well worth the effort.
    04-29-15 03:56 PM
  3. chipshape's Avatar
    Many advantages I've just discovered after reactivating my Curve 8330(3G) that I had completely forgotten about. Today is August 11, 2015 I found my 8330 about a month ago. I bought it in 2008(Verizon) and then upgraded to a Bold 9930(Verizon). I then scrapped that for a Verizon Samsung Convoy 1(3G) feature phone to get away from the data plans. I'm also a Senior citizen and am only concerned about Texting, Email. voice and a weather app. I just fell in love with my 8330(3G) again and moreso as I feel I am flying under the radar in 3G also. After spending a week browsing the new phones (Passport, Classic, Passport Silver which will be Googleized with the Stagefright worm, Moto G 3rd Gen, HTC 1M9, LG4, the new Lumia from Microsoft, and of course the upcoming iPhone 6S coming in September. I have my niece on my Verizon account and she is brainwashed into iPhone. I now have concluded that my search for a new upgrade is over and that I have discovered Gold by rediscovering my 8330.
    I was also able to get a 1500 Mah battery from Seidio and now I have a new phone. After experiencing not being able to download anything from apps, I merely did a battery pull and presto. I now have what I want, wonderful texting, email, accu-weather, and voice. I have forced myself to adapt to the keyboard with my large thumbs and I can now expertly text. Who needs a BB Passport?
    When I first got my 8330 in 2008, I kept thinking "why don't they come out with a larger phone and keyboard. Now, I'm thinking "why don't they come out with a version like the 8330? This phone is so beautiful and it's attractive too, a nice aluminum. It's no larger than a cigarette pack and fits wonderfully in my shirt pocket. I've even gotten a few inquiries of "where did you get that". I just tell them it's the best phone out and that I get by on less than 1 Gig of data.
    I shall keep this phone until it quits and or Verizon quits 3G when they finally get VoLTE. Next month I shall fork out about $900.00 for my niece's new iPhone but may presuade her to something better.
    08-11-15 09:47 AM
  4. mad_mdx's Avatar
    Get used to pulling that battery and seeing that hourglass spin. You should just buy a classic, you'll be very happy about it.
    The old BlackBerry phones have the worse browsers of all smartphones. They are pathetic, and their only saving grace is the decent messaging app.

    BlackBerry 10 phones are not going Android and are not vulnerable to android threats unless you go looking for the threat yourself.
    08-11-15 10:06 AM
  5. chipshape's Avatar
    Maybe you didn't read what I use my Curve for: voice, email, texting and a weather app. Who would browse on a 2 and one-half inch screen. I wouldn't browse on a 6 inch cellphone screen either, I prefer my 27 inch monitor with my Chromebox. There were very few battery pulls in 2008 nor are there now on the Curve. It's the best Blackberry I've ever had. I
    08-11-15 02:31 PM
  6. im_NO_isheep's Avatar
    Well, you are very lucky you don't live in Canada. Unfortunately for my mom, she is being 'forced' to give up her beloved Blackberry because all our wireless carriers have dropped the old CDMA technology and have gone to GSM. Come January, her device will no longer work, unless I can find someone who knows a way of converting a Blackberry Curve 8330 CDMA only device to GSM. :-( Any of you know how to do that?? ;-)
    09-02-16 11:31 PM

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