1. ammarsakaji's Avatar
    Hey Guys

    I bought a BlackBerry 8900 Curve ,but my Sim Card is not woking on it
    .i live in jordan and my Sim card is jordanian. how can i let it work on it?

    Do i have to download a new software? xD

    help me please .


    Ammar Sakaji
    06-06-09 04:08 PM
  2. david9962000's Avatar
    Are you sure it's the sim? Did you try it in a different phone? Call customer service to make sure you have the right services for your BB.
    06-06-09 04:12 PM
  3. ammarsakaji's Avatar
    ya i tried it in other phone it did work, and how would i know my service number?

    Sry for lots of questions xD am still new for BB ^^

    06-06-09 04:16 PM
  4. aristile's Avatar
    You probably need to get your phone unlocked. Horizon Wireless is one option.
    06-06-09 04:19 PM
  5. anon(767240)'s Avatar
    If the sim worked with a different phone, then the problem is your phone. where did you but the phone? Was it issued by your mobile provider? Is it unlocked?

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    06-06-09 04:21 PM