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    I've giving my sister my old 8310 (I just upgraded to the 8900). She does not have a data plan, just unlimited txting. I know on standard non-pda phones there is some APN settings or such you can change/fake out so that if you accidently try to do something datawise it won't let you / you won't be charged for pay-per-use data usage. Is there such a setting on the 8310 to help me with this?

    08-20-09 06:42 PM
  2. K1drobt's Avatar
    Go to manage connections then to mobile network connections then put data services to off.

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    08-20-09 08:11 PM
  3. BerrySky's Avatar
    Do you mean you don't want to pay for data on the BB? That cannot be done. If you mean block content, not sure about that - you would have to check with your service provider. Turning off the data services in the mobile network connections only turns it off, it doesn't de-activate it and you will still have to pay monthly. There is no way to get out of that - it's RIM's agreement, if you have the BB, you need the data...
    08-20-09 08:12 PM