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    A few hints...

    It is very often possible to clear a stuck roller without dismantling the phone. Take a non-lint cloth soaked with alcohol (wet, not dripping) and give the ball a good roll in all directions. Don't use drinking alcohol, it contains enough water to cause problems. Pure - not 70%, isopropanol (rubbing alcohol in USA) is good, it is often sold in small quantity as hifi tape head cleaner.

    If you must take the trackball module apart, note (make a sketch) which way the magnetic roller points. If it is reassembled with them reversed you will know when up-down rolling moves the cursor left-right.

    The magnetic roller-ends are small but very magnetic and will stick to any steel tools. Plastic forceps are useful if you have big fingers.
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    Hy all Crackberry users.I found this tutorial for how to fix your broken trackball of your Blackberry and it is the best!!I have tried this a few min ago and my broken trackball works as new!Thanks to the person who wrote this tutorial.It"s very simple,your must clean the inside of the little trackball piece.Here you go:

    "Dear all,
    I found this the most frustating BB experience: my BB track ball would scroll left and right and up, but not down,e.g., no email!
    My BB is a work curve 8330. Now I could have turned it in and waited six weeks for the fols to fix or replace it, so I decided as long as I felt I could put it back together and turn it in as broken I had nothing to lose by spending half an hour at my desk to fix it.
    Thanks to this website, I understood how the ball worked (it may not be important to you, but I find that when I know how something works, its easier to fix0what is not working).
    1). The advice to use a plastic instrument to remove a plastic pieceright on. The advice to work it gently around the silver holderright onbefore you do that though,I saw a small notch at about the 930 positionmakes it easier to press it back in correctly.
    Once you have pryed the silver circle out, STOP.
    Take a fine pointed magic marker and mark the TOP of the ball assembly (it all looks the same after you dumped it into your palm!)
    After you have turned the BB over and smacked the back out, STOP, and mark the top of the bottom to match the top of the top.

    Ive seen where people have stopped at this point to blow out the ball with compressed airif that works for you, great. If you are like me, you find that didnt work.
    The next part is hard if you have fat fingers like me..dump out the trackball part bt turning the BB over and tapping it into your palmSTOP
    Can you still see the top marks? It will have to go back together. Pay attention to the two tiny holes remaining in the blackberry, where the ball assembly was. The ball assembly bottom has two tiny pegs that fit right back in.

    The tricky part:you now have a 1/4″ part in your hand, with about six subparts to it, that need attention; if you are not comfortable after all of this in proceeding, may I suggest you consider buying a replacement part and dropping it in?

    You will need to use a very small, fine blade (screwdriver, knife, etc) to gently pry loose one of the four plastic-metal clips. Remember, you will mess up the important plastic part before you messa up the metal parteasy!
    There are four tiny gears, with the gear part touching the ball, and with a little magnetic roller pointing outside on each of the corners. When youpop it,DONT LOSE THE BALL!
    My BB had the down roller covered in dust, so thtat the ball couldnt even touch it. Some compressed air, manual messing with it, I was able to get it back together. And it workedUSE AT YOUR OWN RISK"
    Reply is this worked for you.Thanks
    just buy a new ball on bay for $1.00 usually comes with a new ring too

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