06-26-10 12:02 AM
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  1. Blkbear's Avatar
    Can't speak to the 8900's trackball, have not had it long, but I've had my 8320 since 2008 and no problems with it from day one to now. But then I just wash my hands during the day when I need to (for work), other than that, I have the normal everyday man hands every other guy has.
    03-31-10 07:22 PM
  2. txt4nk's Avatar
    I dont put it in my pocket anymore, my hands are always clean.. i tried the alcohol but its just a temp solution. I think i may go back to an OEM track ball and see if that makes any difference.
    04-02-10 06:08 PM
  3. kiran101's Avatar
    i hav a 8900 bought from a frend and since then the track ball gives problems i changed the trackball twice and it still gives problem i am buying a new trackball membrane to replace it and see what happens,will let u all know
    04-02-10 09:17 PM
  4. EEB's Avatar
    I have had my 8900 for a year and I haven't had to replace my trackball. Just use a little alcohol on a q-tip with the ball facing down. That way you don't have to take it apart.
    04-03-10 12:23 AM
  5. txt4nk's Avatar
    well after using an OEM trackball for 2 months, I am fully convinced that the blue trackballs that I was using to match my case were the issue. This OEM trackball is still as new, after 2 months.
    06-17-10 02:27 PM
  6. stoneland's Avatar
    I've had my 8900 since January. Trackball works fine. I clean it with an alcohol wipe and some canned air every couple weeks or so.
    06-17-10 03:26 PM
  7. Brandon26pdx's Avatar
    This. Wash your hands, people.
    I've been called a clean-o-phobe over this before, but personally it skeeves me out to touch my phone with dirty or greasy hands.
    06-17-10 05:21 PM
  8. dhaninugraha's Avatar
    I bought my used 8900 last april, the PO had it since june '09.
    earlier this month the trackball began showing the dirrrty mechanism syndrome: scrolls perfectly to one direction but not to another.

    rather than purchase a new trackball assembly (which costs around US$15 locally, and it's what *almost* everyone here resorts to whenever their trackball starts to bite the dust...), I took mine apart and cleaned it (it was a real PITA to reassemble the 4 tiny rollers again BTW), and now it works like a charm again. it costed nothing more than dry towel, some liquid soap, a used toothbrush, around 10-15 minutes, and a motherload of patience.

    come to think of it, the trackball lasted about 10 months on the PO before I took ownership of the phone (and finally had to witness the trackball's near-demise). I wouldn't expect the trackball to stay as clean as it did on the PO though, mainly because I often have my hands greasy, lazy/forget to clean them, and just play with the 'berry.

    06-20-10 07:56 AM
  9. blkmz3's Avatar
    had to replace mine once.. its been good since.. bought from truesupplier.
    06-21-10 03:24 PM
  10. chernij's Avatar
    I've had mine since I got my 8900 (September 09) and it works fine. Occasionally I'll give it a clean with an alcohol wipe, but it's fine.
    06-22-10 05:19 AM
  11. blkmz3's Avatar
    I guess that I spoke too soon yesterday, took the trackball apart.. not too difficult, works great now!
    06-22-10 10:06 AM
  12. BB_Junky's Avatar
    On my old pearl i took it apart a few times to clean the rollers and yes you need a ton of patience. I truely understand the "wash your hands people" comment and i do when ever i am not at work, BUT i work in a dirty enviroment and when the phone rings or i need to look something up...go-jo and paper towel is the best i can do so its handy to know how to take it apart. This 8900 i have now has the black ball which is awesome cause my pearl had the white ball which i had filthy in weeks..but so far so good knock on wood.
    06-22-10 10:56 AM
  13. txt4nk's Avatar
    lol mine is fine now without changing any habits.. it was just bad quality track balls.
    06-22-10 03:52 PM
  14. mynameismerlin's Avatar
    I have had my 8900 since May 2009, and no trackball issues at all. Just a matter of time, I guess.

    I had my work BlackBerry Pearl 8100 since July 2007, and it was forcibly retired by my own IT policy in March of this year, and it did not have any trackball issues. What really gave me issues were the old 8700g slidewheel...now those either worked or not.
    06-22-10 10:20 PM
  15. francesjane's Avatar
    I n my sis bought ours same tym but she's had 2 change hers twice due 2 sweaty palms!

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    06-23-10 10:21 AM
  16. ncpete's Avatar
    Had mine since Feb 09, and never had a problem with the trackball that lasted more than a few seconds.

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    06-24-10 05:06 PM
  17. rhaneyjr's Avatar
    first off, ditto on radius's comment. I keep my Bold in an otterbox case. Im in the elements all the time. Ive had the 9000 for about a year now, never replaced the trackball. keep your hands clean and maintain the phone. and get it in a good case, hint OTTERBOX.
    06-24-10 05:19 PM
  18. ritesh's Avatar
    Have my 8900 since april 2009 and no issues at all.Used IPA to clean once in a while, but nothing beyond.
    But then I hardly use the TB. Mostly, use the enter key and space bar for scrolling. TB is used in unavoidable situations only.
    06-25-10 02:56 AM
  19. amrk47's Avatar
    im about to order a replacement trackball, do I need the "dome" ?
    06-25-10 11:26 AM
  20. delmarco's Avatar
    often. very often
    06-25-10 12:09 PM
  21. anon(3399195)'s Avatar
    mine hasn't gummed up yet
    06-26-10 12:02 AM
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