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    I want to know how to not delete data from my calendar when syncing. For example, when I sync I can look at the details and it says "add" "change" "delete" so how do I not delete some of these items??? This is an issue because I didn't realize that both my Outlook and handheld were set to archive earlier than I'd like. I've fixed that but now there is stuff on my Outlook I don't want deleted- rather I'd like it back on my handheld. So how do I "not delete"?

    Also I'm trying to figure out how to get my data from Archive back to Outlook and preferably onto my handheld, but I can't even seem to find that file? My archive screen says it is going to C:\Users\Andrea\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Ou tlook1.pst but that doesn't really seem to exist??

    (obviously I"m not too tech-savy)

    Thanks for any ideas
    06-22-10 08:34 AM