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    Was curious about how much free memory everyone has left on their 8900. I probably have 20 or 30 apps/themes installed and and on a fresh boot I start off with about 90 mb free. Once I get a few themes/apps I don't use as much I just delete them to free up additional memory.

    Also Curious if anyone has used most/all of the available internal memory and if it really slowed down their phone. Just a fun topic to see how much memory other 8900 users have.
    07-11-10 03:23 PM
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    Right now I'm in the 40's. I have 35+ apps, 15 launchers and 10 themes. I try to save my memory for my contacts, 3000+ and messages so I don't have as many apps as I could.

    On a reboot right now I'm at 80. I also delete themes/apps I don't use to free up memory.

    I do use my BlackBerry for mass emailing to my contacts, thanks for e-mail list, and find that it will run a little smoother with more memory which is why I try to keep it as light as I can.

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    07-11-10 03:41 PM
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    I've got 35 apps installed and half a dozen themes including a couple that are pretty big at 1.5MB. With all that, I boot up at about 85MB free.

    I'm running right now, and *something* is leaking memory --I notice after a day or two that some apps act somewhat funky - and I'm not surprised to find that free memory has dropped to about 45MB. When I see that, it's time for a reboot.

    Not thrilled with the situation. I've got one slightly more recently downloaded beta OS downloaded and may give it a try. I'd like to think OS 6 is coming, but from all I've read I have to believe that we won't see it for the 8900.

    I'm at a bit of a loss -- the 8900 is still like new, but it's already feeling a bit "old" in comparison to even devices like the MT3G Slide -- just tried that for a while at a TMo store and was pleasantly surprised -- really nice, especially as I've been a dedicated BB user for years. The touch UI is zippy, keyboard is much better than I expected, swipe was surprisingly usable, voice recognition is better than on my 8900 (and far more useful).

    In short: I'm hoping OS 6 gives me a reason to stay loyal to BB, but I'm increasingly open to Android. Also thinking that, if the MT3G Slide impressed, the upcoming Samsung Vibrant should be a step beyond that, and the rumored devices coming out for TMo in Q4 of this year should be fantastic --- all raising the bar for BB to keep up with.

    I know it' s not yet a 100% even face to face contest -- but I see BB's traditional stronghold weakening a bit -- certainly in the consumer space if not corporate.

    So -- I'm gonna sit tight for a few months, watch to see what OS 6 looks like when it arrives, and also keep an eye on the upcoming Android devices at TMo...
    07-11-10 07:04 PM