09-22-09 09:25 AM
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  1. cire0309's Avatar
    i've used 72MB and my billing cycle ends tonight...

    anyone else tethering with sprint??? everything says you can't use the curve as a PAM device, but it works for some... some have said you can't even add the PAM feature on the SEP...

    i'm just wonder what happens if all of a sudden i jump up to a few hundred MB or over 1GB, if sprint will flag my account...

    07-23-08 08:49 PM
  2. SinisterJunkie's Avatar
    Verizon lost a lawsuit last year for cancelling the service of users that went over the limit of thr "UNLIMITED" data plan.

    Also the #DATA and the website lag the real usage by quite a bit at times.
    07-24-08 03:22 PM
  3. addicted_in_jersey's Avatar
    May I ask what u guys are using all those kbs on?

    I'm a total addict, must send 500 emails/ pins/txt a data and I google constantly--almost lost my boyfriend over bb addiction...until we got him one

    And I've never gone over 10,000 kb...is this b/c you're all using it as a modium?
    07-24-08 05:03 PM
  4. thasexyprincessofaa's Avatar
    Wow, I dont even know how much I used last month. Unlimited is Unlimited. They should not be able to cancel your service on an unlimited plan. I tried the #3282 and it didnt work, but I have Sprint so that may be the reason. Gotta check online.
    07-24-08 06:18 PM
  5. cwake16's Avatar
    I'm really starting to rack it up lol... 62.48MB through 12:36AM this morning. Which means I'm probably at around 65 by now. I don't feel guilty as long as things I'm using data for are completely legit and legal. The seeqpod thing downloading songs isn't completely legal I don't think.

    However if you have YOUR purchased music library uploaded to a private server and are streaming it...That would be completely fine I'm thinking, but is defeated by the fact that most of us have memory cards.

    Bottom line, I want to burn as much data as I can while still following the ToS and law. Any suggestions? :P
    07-24-08 07:35 PM
  6. frasej's Avatar
    As of today:
    KB 18,325.38 Unlimited

    My billing cycle ends around the 5th of the month.
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    07-25-08 10:26 AM
  7. SimeonAS89's Avatar
    My bill last month said 28MB? But then again I have T-Mobile and I get unlimited data so I'm not too worried about it, like some should be lol.

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    07-25-08 10:41 AM
  8. mr.saving's Avatar
    I had 21,254 this past billing cycle

    I thought it would have been way more...
    07-25-08 10:43 AM
  9. robree's Avatar
    my cycle ends on the 1st.
    unlimited plan
    partial month since i got online on the 9th.

    i am at 32mb
    07-25-08 10:48 AM
  10. cwake16's Avatar
    Come on, how much is everyone ELSE using? What's your highest month ever? My month ends in 10 days and my usage is over 450MB...however, I do have tethering and have used it a decent amount on vacation but I would say it's probably 50/50 on tethering data used and actual blackberry usage...I may be crazy...
    08-05-08 07:11 PM
  11. m.wolfgang's Avatar
    I use close to a GB a month.

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    08-05-08 07:57 PM
  12. sgtmilstack's Avatar
    Not sure about monthly avg, but data usage in current cycle is above 358 MB.
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    08-05-08 08:32 PM
  13. asianinvasioniv's Avatar
    I am at 55.8 and 3266 texts

    my cycle ends on sept 4th
    08-05-08 08:44 PM
  14. neechi's Avatar
    I've had mine for 12 days and I've used 23,589.73 KB.
    08-05-08 08:53 PM
  15. thecurveforlyfe's Avatar

    Is there a way to check your data usage on at t from your phone?

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    08-05-08 09:12 PM
  16. m.wolfgang's Avatar
    I am at 55.8 and 3266 texts

    my cycle ends on sept 4th
    That sounds like me. I'm impressed that someone else used data and texts like I do!

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    08-05-08 11:10 PM
  17. Travo's Avatar
    I have the UM150 modem and it SUCKS!!!! I just started tethering my 8330 and it works SO MUCH BETTER!!! It prompted me to pay the extra $15 for tethering when I started up the browser, so I agreed and tomorrow, I am going to cancel my UM150 modem.

    NOW- I will tether my laptop daily because internet isn't offered out here where I live. I don't download very much stuff. Should I be concerned about the 5GB cap? I am just trying to get an idea if I should limit my usage to ration the data. I could sure use some of you Verizon tether guys advice. Please let me know. I appreciate it!!!!

    08-10-08 12:43 PM
  18. Ramirezmarcos09's Avatar
    So, I am new to the blackberry world but I have been a customer with verizon for about two years. I've always had a simple phone, texting and calling only.

    Although, I recently purchased my first BB, and it's a storm, so this is by no means a simple phone, it's a smartphone for crying out loud!

    There are a myriad of things you can do on this amazing device, so to be sincere I got hooked on the phone immediately (suffice it to say that I will never go back to "simple" phones again). You can have all your emails forwarded to this device (I have 5 email accounts). You can browse the web, even tether if you have the right application, and browse on your laptop through your phones data plan. You can check the weather, check all your accounts, like checking, savings, cell phone service, electric, gas, ebay.... all in one place (with the personal assistant app)!

    Ummm... check news, the nearest theater, restaurant, market, mall, airport, Church, everything..... Get instant directions and a map to guide you with the GPS. Check and update facebook, myspace, twitter instantly. Watch movies (that you can save on the 8 gig sd card that comes with the phone!!!), listen to your entire music collection (which you can carry on your 8 gig card!!). Take video and pics with the nice 3.2 mp camera.

    Wow..... I got completely off of topic..... But I am trying to make a point here.... There are so many things you can do on this phone that a few hundred megabytes a month will not do for many of us bb users (abusers?).

    So, here it comes (and this to me is not really that much data), on my first month with this great device I racked up 3.7 gb, yes gigabytes. And on my second month I plan on racking upwards of 5gb, but I guess I just wish other users (abusers) would speak up and testify that the BB unlimited data plan on verizon, really is unlimited.

    Let me put it in simple language.... Has anyone used upwards of 5gb(gigabytes) a month and has not received any complaints from verizon for using so much data???
    09-22-09 03:29 AM
  19. freakboy2539's Avatar
    its called unlimited data for a reason...

    and thanks for the explanation on what ya can do with a blackberry storm...nobody here would have ever known ya could do all that stuff rotfl

    and back on topic my billing cycle started the 19th and im at 3674.73 kb so i have barely used any data in 3 days but its been busy at work so once it slows down again im sure that number will climb!
    09-22-09 07:07 AM
  20. genikah's Avatar
    Text Usage: 350
    Data Usage: 90406.33 KB, My Usage will be reset on 10/11

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    09-22-09 07:20 AM
  21. DesertDweller1968's Avatar
    Dang I thought that my measely 379 MB was alot until I just read Ramirezmarcos09's post.
    09-22-09 07:23 AM
  22. loudmax20's Avatar
    Domestic Data Used 314,489.4 Kilobytes Used Estimate as of 09/22/09 12:57 AM Cycle ends 10/13/09

    My Current Bill:
    TXT Messaging messages unlimited 3063 -- --
    PIX-FLIX Messaging messages unlimited 67 -- --
    Kilobyte Usage kilobytes unlimited 979,874 -- --
    Mobile Broadband Connect megabytes 4459

    Before I got a Blackberry I had an HTC Touch Pro and normally my data usage would be upwards of 3-4GB's a month now since BIS compresses everything I can barely hit 1GB
    09-22-09 09:25 AM
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