1. pete101's Avatar
    i've just discovered the problem with my 8900 curve replacement.

    the keyboard wouldn't register h sometimes and i realised that in fact it is a hardware problem whereby if i press it on the corner on the bottom right of the key it does not register.

    does that mean the key is damaged?

    if i press it in the middle or on top left/right bottom right corner it registers fine no problem. does this mean the key is slightly damaged or slightly out of place?

    if the key stops working in future would i need to replace the entire keypad or the pressure pad underneath?

    i only got this replacement 3 weeks ago and i have 1 week left to get it replaced with no questions asked (it is a refurbished handset though)

    im worried that maybe in future the entire key will stop working if it's already not registering on the bottom right. does that mean the key is starting to break or the pressure pads are misaligned slightly?
    07-15-10 09:47 AM
  2. nk_blu's Avatar
    I had a similar problem with my G key. If I text at high speed and tap on my keys lightly, the G key wouldn't register. I would actually have to press completely at at certain angle...

    I tried replacing my keyboard, but it still had the problem. So the keyboard wasn't the problem for me, it was the..er,, PCB board? the actual buttons behind the keyboard.

    What I did was, cut out a small piece of paper, like 1.5mm x 1.5mm, or the area size of the keyboard contacts and pasted behind my G key with super glue. Now I no longer have a problem with my G key even if I press lightly.
    07-16-10 06:20 PM