1. Capt Jack Sparrow's Avatar
    Newbie has a question that COULDN'T be found in search, so here it is...after downloading the Desk Top Manager for my 8330 to my PC, I backed up the phone, and placed it in the recommended folder called Documents...when I click on Documents to open the folder, all I get is "mumbo jumbo"....no way for me to see if my pics have a folder, and if my address book has a folder, just a page of letters and numbers opening up in Notepad...is this what is supposed to restore my BB if it crashes??

    P.S. Posted this in BB Forum, and had a gazillion views, but no response....maybe I'll have better luck here?
    08-06-09 04:47 PM
  2. jtadams's Avatar
    No work around man its the image of your BB compressed into a single file, for good reason it shouldn't be opened.
    08-06-09 04:49 PM
  3. Capt Jack Sparrow's Avatar
    Thank you jt....wonder why no one at the other place couldn't post that....I kinda' figured as much, but just needed confirmation. Thanks again.
    08-06-09 04:58 PM