1. mrs.d's Avatar
    How do I delete links that I don't want on my internet browser? For e.g., I don't want Accuweather, CNN, ESPN, Handango Software etc. etc.? Can someone help?!
    12-11-07 05:27 PM
  2. eyemabug's Avatar
    Highlight the link and press menu -> select Delete Bookmark
    12-11-07 05:46 PM
  3. karwilliams's Avatar
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...but all of us BB users have to put up with those damn bookmarks for the rest of our lives. Seriously though, they don't come off. I'm sure there is a way, but it's most likely not worth the time and effort required to do so.
    12-11-07 05:47 PM
  4. Solachica's Avatar
    Some links tht came with the BB I tried deleting and it wount delete.
    Otherwise for the bookmarks tht you have added yourself just highlight>menu>delete
    12-11-07 05:54 PM
  5. mrs.d's Avatar
    You know...I thought so....just my luck!! I just didn't want to admit the inevitable...bwahahahahahahha

    Still open though to all further suggestions!!
    12-11-07 05:58 PM
  6. nandaiyo's Avatar
    Best thing I've found so far is to just collapse the folders of the default BB bookmarks. This takes up 3 slots on the screen vs. having to scroll down just to view your bookmarks. Yeah, it's basic, but there's no way around it that I've found.
    12-11-07 06:22 PM