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    I still have a Blackberry Curve 9320 until August, it works okay apart from the feature I need the most which is Twitter and more specifically the DM's. They've started receiving about 15 minutes late, which is really annoying because I need them to be as efficient as possible! They send fine, and the rest of the Twitter app works fine, I've reinstalled it numbers of times, and done the battery pull plenty of times, but most times when I receive a DM it says '15 mins ago' or something like that. On my 2 accounts, sometimes one works but the other doesn't, or sometimes they just both don't work. When I DM myself from one account to the other, it is still delayed in receiving, yet on the Laptop they receive fine. This is REALLY important because I do need my DM's, and I have not seen anyone else with this problem. I can't go months with this problem so I hope someone has some solutions or suggestions ASAP!

    Thank you.
    05-22-15 06:42 PM
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    It's probably twitter's API, which can't be changed.
    The mobile site would work best (mobile.twitter.com) in your situation, just refresh the page every so often.

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    06-19-15 06:44 PM

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