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    I have the BB Curve 8520. I have no coverge at my residence. So, I enabled the Wifi option and connected to my wireless router, which is password protected.

    ow is this different from the "@home" connection option? Are the charges going to be different? My understanding is, if I'm streaming through my internet connection, phone calls, data streams, etc. do not incur extra charges.
    09-07-09 01:09 PM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    Your assumptions are wrong... phone calls over Wifi are not free... if you have T-Mobile in the US and you are connected via UMA then your phone calls go through you Wifi, but the minutes do count against your calling plan.

    However, your data is free, but if you have unlimited data plan it does not really matter... does it???

    @home is a VOIP phone connected to your wireless router... plus T-Mobile USA has something called Unlimited HotSpot Calling that they charge $9.99 a month for UMA calling.
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    09-08-09 07:30 PM
  3. xwarp's Avatar
    i have the @home service.

    when in "wifi preferred mode", the phone will do all data related to the net, i.e. email, surfing, social scope, any chat programs, via the net and data is free. would be without the @home service.

    the @home service, 10 bucks a month because reception is spotty in my house, covers voice calls. THAT uses the internet, like vonage, skype, majic jack. minutes used while using the @home DO NOT count against your usage, regardless of when the call is made.
    09-13-09 01:41 PM