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    I have a Curve that I use for personal and business use. As the company that I own is expanding I would like to get a 2nd Curve (to separate personal from business) as I am a fan of the device. However, I do not need email on both devices and I understand that my email from the same email address CANNOT be pushed through to BOTH devices anyway. If I already have a Curve (with email) is it in any way possible to get a 2nd Curve and NOT have internet/email on it? In other words, I am asking if a 2nd BlackBerry that I would like to purchase with a 2nd phone number REQUIRES a data plan as I already have a BlackBerry with a data plan and do not need one on my 2nd BlackBerry Smartphone. I really want to have 2 of the same device but do not have a need for my email from the same account being pushed through to both phones (and as I said above, I have been told that it CAN'T be pushed through to both phones, anyway). Thanks!
    08-19-08 12:55 AM
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    Welcome to CB!

    You can use a BB without a data plan. It just loses a lot of functionality.
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    08-19-08 12:59 AM
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    Vzw does require a data plan.

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    08-19-08 12:59 AM
  4. minidoodette's Avatar
    Do some carriers not require a data plan?
    08-19-08 01:05 AM
  5. minidoodette's Avatar
    How would I go about getting a BB without a data plan?
    08-19-08 01:06 AM
  6. jenaywins's Avatar
    With vzw? Aint gonna happen. Sorry.

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    08-19-08 01:07 AM
  7. chinh8310's Avatar
    only way to get a BB w/o a data plan is to get it from a different carrier besides vzw.

    if u want a BB on vzw.. u will HAVE to get the data. no other options
    08-19-08 01:14 AM
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    sorry mini but they are right. VZW REQUIRES a data plan. However, you can get away with the $29.99 plan.

    With the phone being for you why use 2 phones? Just ignore your email instead of occurring another charge.
    08-19-08 06:58 AM
  9. srplummer's Avatar
    I'd call VZW to see what you can do. I would think you could get a BB on ebay, and use it, but I'm not familiar with VZW.
    08-19-08 07:03 AM
  10. minidoodette's Avatar
    So do you know who does NOT require a data plan? I checked at&t and it looks like they do, as well. I'm not married to vzw for the 2nd line/Curve.
    08-19-08 10:57 AM
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    Don't know why you'd want a Curve if you don't care about data. Just get a cheap non-smartphone.
    08-19-08 05:13 PM
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    I know T-Mobile does not require a data plan. They also have a much more affordable BIS plan at $19.99 rather than getting ripped off by VZW at $29.99.

    And for those who preach EVDO over EDGE, I have never noticed a difference and it seems like I have longer loading times for webpages on my 8330.
    08-20-08 12:33 AM
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    Yup tmo does not need a data plan at all. Plus with the 8320 you can access wifi and make your phone more functional w/o a data plan

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    08-20-08 12:46 AM