1. JSimmons07102's Avatar
    My friend recently gave me a bb curve 8900 that worked, she just took out the battery and charger for a different phone. so i ordered new ones online and had to get a replacement battery because the one they first sent did not work for sure. but i am getting the same problems with this battery. but this one, the new one- its brand new unlike the other had a pink water damage strip and was kinda beat up. i know its not the phone that doesnt work or the charger. when the battery is out but still plugged in, it still shows the no battery symbol in the middle of a white screen. so the phone and charger work and im sure the battery is new so it should work. ive been charging it for eight hours and it wont turn on. is there a mininum of how long you have to charge it? all it does is have a thirty second red led light blink with a black screen every thirty seconds.

    anyone have this problem before that can help me ?? i cant figure out what to do. i dont have the usb charger thing either. should i go buy that or will pluging it into a computer not help at all?

    thanks !
    12-19-10 01:44 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    If the phone, charger, and battery are all working properly, a couple of hours would be sufficient to charge it. The phone won't work without a battery installed, even if plugged into an external charger. If you plug your phone into a USB port on your PC and it charges, that's proof that your wall charger is either defective or unable to deliver sufficient current to charge your phone. I'd suggest you try your friend's wall charger, since it was known to work. If it works, then your wall charger isn't working properly.
    12-19-10 01:58 PM