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    GOOD MORNING!!! Got my curve last Saturday, connected to my hotmail account. I have two hotmail accounts and only wanted to connect to my most recent account. (this is important later) OK...connection made but each time I get an email and it appears on my phone, I get a text message at the same exact time that looks like this........//BREW:0104F4BC:OZMAIL CI=FD59ACA1C14D82505887CE03B45AAB4 MC=1 To stop these messages simply reply to this one (charge may apply).........UGH!!! I have replied to stop each time to no avail. I have called verizon they cannot figure it out. I disconnected the email link and then reinstalled it and they still come. This morning before posting this thread, I forwarded the text to my email account so I could copy and paste the message for this forum and the email said that it was sent from my other hotmail account the one that is not linked to the phone at all. It looks like the emails are being routed through one email account to get to the other. UGH!!!! What a mess...I need the text messages to stop.
    I hope this makes sense...HELP!!! Has anyone else ever experienced this???
    THANK YOU!!!
    08-13-09 08:56 AM