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    as much as i like my bb8900 phone i cannot stand the fact that its impossible to modify the phone to make work for me.
    some people(sheep) are ok with that, they take whatever media/corporations feed them and keep their mouth shut while making an edjucated decision between a cup of coffee and an overpriced app for their phone.
    the app that should have been included with the phone to begin with.

    just to bring out a good example how limited features reflect on company's image. remember archos 605wifi media player that is capable of wifi and music server and alot of other features added via software purchase?

    yes great sales theory from archos that didnt work out too well.
    if you go to archos forums majority of users swore not to buy any archos product ever in their life and i dont blame them. i bought one myself. and fkn hate it because knowing that it is capable of certain features but i have to cash out another 60 dollars to enable them make is not worth the money at all.
    apple ipod is another one but the commercials and smart advertising plan saved that device from death. advertizing is the ONLY reason that ipod is still alive and so sucessfull. without it ipod would be just another restricted weakfeatured mp3 player that people would ditch once they find out that you dont have to convert your whole music collection to apple format and LOCK IT TO A SINGLE DEVICE.

    so is blackberry great device-not so great software.
    a big argument is that blackberry is made for business people is not anymore.
    its pretty popular with non business users lately due to some great hardware options, camera wifi,gps,screen,email, and of course the full keyboard is best and most usefull i ve seen so far.

    i owned blackberry close to 2 years now
    i owned a moto razr
    and 2 sony ericsson phones before that. w580i and w760a
    both sony ericsoon phones i was able to change the layout, buttons shortcuts,colors,down to the smallest details of operating system with help of few tools.
    and in the end the w760a was the best phone i owned so far
    great camera quality,great sound quality from mp3 player, fast and easy to navigate menus. and ability to cuztomize was the most usefull feature.

    and again some people will try to argue "but why customize when its perfect already" ok then tell me.
    why do we have so many adjustments in windows or any other PC OS.
    would you buy a PC operating system that is completely locked down.

    or say you go to dealership and you get in the car:
    the steering wheel doesnt tilt
    the seat is not adjustable
    windows only open half way
    the mirrors are only adjustable after you purchase the unlock code for them
    your radio is locked to one station and it can only play WMA encoded cds
    you get 4 speeds and can purchase the 5th speed later.
    no rear seats since you most likely will not use them but if you do you can also get them for a fee if you want passengers
    you can only go 55 MPH or purchase a speed unlock if you want to drive on teh freeway.
    no high beams come pre installed wanna drive on backroads here you go purchase the high beams separate.
    wanna use the trunk heres the trunk unlock key for extra cash.

    does that sound like a car you want to buy? probably not
    so why buy a phone that is capable of doing things but is locked out for the purpose of selling you the NEW model next year.
    and the chances are the new model will be same model repackaged with features that should have been in the first one.

    comes with email support and wifi
    email program can easily support wifi but doesnt. no money for blackberry.
    RIM could give us more options for customizing the phone.but then next year they would actually have to work hard and come up with real improvements rather than visual "ENHANCEMENTS", and added functionality thru software.

    i mean for 2 years i i own the phone i cant even add a fkn shortcut to my phone menu, i cant delete preinstalled shortcuts, i cant even browse files without a third party software. and it's a SMARTPHONE?

    i have to pay 6-15 dollars for a fkn theme?
    6-60 dollars for an app? great
    free apps? oh those apps are very usefull.
    Nickel Buddy Coin Toss
    RandomPasswordGenerator(included with password keeper already)
    TWSS (Thats What She Said) Non-Storm Version
    Crackberry Button
    and more great free aps are available for this phone...

    so i dont know if alot of blackberry users realize but this device WAS made for a good purpose.
    that changed. now along with other pcompanies following the trend. blackberry is i belive the most sucessfull(besides iphone) cash vacuum for RIM that does nothing untill you empty your pockets trying to get it to do something usefull.

    you get what yo pay for? not really, its more like: you pay for promises and pay again for what you should have gotten in the first place.

    go ahead keep putting more money into the hands of others without equal return.

    i forgot what book was it that i red.
    if you dont deserve the money you have there is always someone wo will gladly take it from you.

    long post but this is what i have to say after 2 years of using blackberry...
    this is basically my not so pleasant experience with it.

    is there a phone that has same features (hardware)?
    full keyboard,gps,wifi,bt,good screen, good camera with autofocus, and good audio player.

    AND the phone that gives me ability to modify it more easily?

    are windows mobile phones more customizable than blackberry os?

    if i could install winmobile on blackberry id keep this phone till it falls apart
    10-05-09 12:42 AM
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    Hardware-wise, NOTHING is as good as a Berry.
    I also own a w580i
    I feel your pain on the BB UI, although I gotta tell you, A LOT of the customization you're looking for can be done with THEMES. and PimpMyBerry has TONS of free themes. I found one I LOVE called "Hidden Today Crossbar".

    Also, there are a LOT of good free apps. Google Maps, Poynt, WeatherEye, and UberTwitter just to name a few of my favorites.

    Also e-mail seems to work just fine over WiFi for me... You do need a BIS account, but since that's the whole essence of BlackBerry, it's kind of understandable. Plus you might not be able to delete shorcuts (which is ******** IMO), but at least you can hide them.
    10-05-09 02:06 AM