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    I have searched high and low for help on this topic and have only found a couple people with the same problem and no answers on how to fix it. Hopefully this thread will solve it for me and them.

    I have installed the 5.0 OS from wind hellas website for my 8520. I follow the install procedure and go to c drive program files then research in motion does not have a folder there. i go to my c:/program files (x86) (i am running vista) and research in motion has a folder in there. I open it and all i have is "blackberry" and "blackberry Media sync" no apploader or anything to get this 5.0 going....

    can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!!
    05-26-10 01:07 AM
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    hahaha.... fixed!!!

    well for those tho needed the help besides me. here it is.

    go to program files (x86) then common files then its all in there. Thats just a small re- route i guess. everything else is the same!
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    05-26-10 01:13 AM