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    Greetings to you all,

    So i searched all over the site trying to find an answer, and I also pretty much went through the sticky for "Newest 8320 OS pertaining to ORANGE", I still haven't been able to clarify my doubt. I hope some of you Blackberry experts here can help me...

    I purchased an unlocked 8320 off Amazon(definitely the last time I'm doing that), so I don't really know what carrier it was locked to before. I'm using it with DIGITEL here in Venezuela, and everything was going smooth until a few weeks ago, when suddenly the cellphone stopped receiving BB messenger messages, or push e-mail. The data plan is activated and I can still browse through the internet with EDGE, logging into whatever random page I choose, but for some reason I can't send any emails from my account (it stays in the idle concentric circles until it finally turns into a red X) and when trying to write to any contact through the BBMessenger it just goes to the CHECK mark without the "D" for delivered. I practically bought this cellphone because of the BBMessenger, and for the last few weeks I've been frustrated calling the people at Amazon but they haven't been too helpful.

    So, the next thing I had in mind was upgrading the OS to the newest version, maybe that might help. But I have a doubt, I've seen the sticky post to the newest OS for ORANGE for 8320, and how to subsequently install BBM5 with all the new functions, but I'm not sure whether I can use a different Carrier's OS on this cellphone. Would the cellphone be relocked? Which Carrier's OS should I use (i've seen the newest version for Vodafone, and Orange)? I would like to upgrade it to the most recent version, and also install BBM5 to see if that works. Are there any other suggestions you may have for me to solve this problem? Oh yeah, I can't log onto MSN Messenger, or Gtalk either, so I can't really circumvent the BBM problem.

    Thank you all very much for your time, I'm really tied up here convincing myself I didn't just flush a bunch of $$$ down the drain.

    10-03-09 09:30 PM