1. bambuco's Avatar
    Does anyone have a "liquid-damaged" Cure and still working??

    My Curve stopped working Saturday when i was out with my boys... came home too late and "thankfully" with my Curve not working it got me out of some heat from the wife... =D

    Nonetheless, my curve isn't working. It was fine until we went out, i turned off the phone to save o battery and when i tried to turn it on it would load up normally, except that none of the keypads didn't work... the trackball would roll and wouldn't click in! None of the side buttons work either... i'd do battery pull after battery pull and still nothing!!!

    So i took it to my local sprint store and the rep started to open it and while i was telling him about when it started to malfunction... he popped out my trackball assembly and showed me the water mark... a little pink strip right in the middle. Said there's nothing he can do, its all up to the insurance.... but i don't have the $100 for the deductible, so i had to get my Nextel i335 activated (after placing my insurance claim) until i can save up for it (which i might not go through since i'm due to upgrade and considering the Tour).

    Here's the reason for my quesiton: i want to know if anyone has a Curve that works, becuase i'm going to take mine apart to clean it out and see if a deep clean might get it working again.

    Any tips, suggestions, hints as to the deep clean please pass it on... things i should be careful of, things i should focus on cleaning, items that work the best to clean with.... ANYTHING would be greatly appreciate. I'm going to take step by step pic's and see if i can helps others, so all your suggestions will be credited and compiled so we can create one place for reference.


    PS> since my curve is out, i may not be able to reply/respond any questions/comments until i'm back online, so i'll be sure to stay connected when possible.
    09-07-09 12:50 PM
  2. rachel0179's Avatar
    Well, you cant "clean" water damage.
    09-07-09 12:59 PM
  3. bambuco's Avatar
    oh yeah, i've figured that much from past experience... =D

    I'm hoping it aint the water damage that cuased the malfunction, its gotten wet in the past and never became an issue.
    09-07-09 01:23 PM