05-24-10 04:36 PM
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  1. JB1010's Avatar
    Hi guys. Last night my battery was on the point of dying. It was in standby mode with the light flashing orange but when i went to press some buttons, nothing. It wouldn't respond to anything so i removed and re-inserted the battery (without having it on charge). When it did finally fire back up my home page was adorned with the message 'Uncaught Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException' (with a highlighted OK option). But it's completely frozen. I can't press ok. I can't scroll onto anything else. I can't turn off the handset, Ctrl Shift Delete doesn't respond. Nothing. I've replaced the battery numerous times, charged the phone, removed and reinserted the sim. Any help would be appreciated.
    05-23-10 02:17 PM
  2. Kylecore's Avatar
    Sounds like you may have a bricked phone.
    Your going to have to reinstall your os.
    So I suggest looking up the willyboy hybrid under the beta/hybrid os forum section.
    Hopefully blackberry desktop manager recognizes your blackberry when you plug it in so you can do a backup because you defiantly going to have to wipe and reinstall.

    Good luck!
    If you have never installed an os and need some help feel free to email me. [email protected]

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    05-23-10 02:51 PM
  3. JB1010's Avatar
    Thanks kyle.
    So I have managed to successfully backup. As far as performing a wipe and reinstallation, I don't know where to begin. If you could help walk me through it that would be great. Thanks
    05-24-10 01:07 PM
  4. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    installation procedure for any Official BlackBerry OS
    Link > http://forums.crackberry.com/f100/up...1/#post5130322

    How to fix a Bricked/Nuked BlackBerry
    Link > http://crackberry.com/blackberry-101...ked-blackberry
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    05-24-10 01:24 PM
  5. JB1010's Avatar
    Thanks Ahmed,
    I can't confess to understanding much of that procedure. Ok so I've backed up my files, seemingly successfully. I now want to 'wipe' my blackberry and reinstall my original OS. I then want to restore those backed-up files. Then we're as good as new right? I'm hoping it's as easy as it sounds but I would ask that any response is dumbed down to the max! Please. Thanks
    05-24-10 01:50 PM
  6. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    okay. so, Now you need an Operating System.

    You have downloaded one. right ?

    Keep in mind that during this process you don’t necessarily have to reload the same version of the OS that’s currently running on your Nuked BlackBerry
    05-24-10 02:09 PM
  7. JB1010's Avatar
    I haven't downloaded one yet know. Maybe you could recommend a stable OS I can trust to work without glitches?
    05-24-10 02:14 PM
  8. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    hmm . . . I would recommend the though I'm running on the .592 and Used to have the .411

    I believe that the .509 is the Best > had to go to the .592 coz I had problems only when writing in Arabic. Since you don't need Arabic input you'll be fine with it ;D

    Link > Official OS For The Blackberry Curve 8520, 8900 And Bold 9000 From WIND Hellas | CrackBerry.com

    Click on •Download OS For The 8520, 8900 Curve Or Bold 9000 From WIND Hellas>> then select Curve 8900, fill in the form and download
    05-24-10 02:30 PM
  9. JB1010's Avatar
    lol maybe I'll learn Arabic after I've conquered the Blackberry! If you can, could you link me a download please
    05-24-10 02:33 PM
  10. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    hehehehe ;D

    here's the link to the Official Official OS For The Blackberry Curve 8520, 8900 And Bold 9000 From WIND Hellas | CrackBerry.com

    let me know when the download is finished so I can go with you step-by-step on the installation procedure


    Kylecore suggested that you download the '' willyboy hybrid '' but since I've never tried it and frankly I prefer official Operating Systems . . that's why I didn't recommend it > though it might be good
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    05-24-10 02:36 PM
  11. JB1010's Avatar
    Thanks, ok ye that's downloaded....
    05-24-10 02:43 PM
  12. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    Did you download the 120 something MB ?

    that was fast . . here it takes about 2 hours ;P
    05-24-10 02:49 PM
  13. JB1010's Avatar
    ye i did! Well I would sacrifice a decent download speed to live in Bahrain!
    05-24-10 02:52 PM
  14. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    hahahah ;P

    okay, now, make sure you don't have any other OS installed on your PC

    Go to > control panel, programs and features. Look for Blackberry Device Software since the Desktop software is the DM.

    If there are any Device software >> uninstall them. If Not, Double Click on the .exe file you've just downloaded and install it on your PC ( while you BB is NOT Connected )
    05-24-10 03:02 PM
  15. JB1010's Avatar
    In my programmes I have blackberry desktop software 4.7 plus my new download of blackberry desktop v.5.0.0. I have uninstalled the old 4.7 but i should keep the v.5.0.0 right? ...what's the next step?
    05-24-10 03:11 PM
  16. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    yeah you should keep it ;D

    It is preffered that you download the New Desktop Manager to backup your Device. I'm not sure why but I've read here that I should, so I did and so should you.

    New DM Download Link > BlackBerry - BlackBerry Desktop Software - BlackBerry Software at BlackBerry.com

    Then, Back up your BB and get ready for the installation Part
    05-24-10 03:18 PM
  17. JB1010's Avatar

    Now the original 4.7 DM has completely uninstalled there is nothing there in my programmes and features to do with Blackberry Device Software. What now Ahmed?
    05-24-10 03:25 PM
  18. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    Install the Desktop Manager

    Then, Install the OS V5.0.0.509 and after that go to your C; Drive (operating system drive) and click on Program Files > Common Files > Research In Motion > apploader > and delete the Vendor.xml File

    Now, double click on ( Loader ) in the same Folder


    Delete the Vendor.xml file since this OS is not Provided by your Carrier
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    05-24-10 03:34 PM
  19. JB1010's Avatar
    Ok, ive downloaded the new DM, backed up my files, now ready for the installation part
    05-24-10 03:36 PM
  20. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    Excellent See my previous post please
    05-24-10 03:40 PM
  21. JB1010's Avatar
    Ive double clicked on loader and gone through that....I am confused though as to where this OS V5.0.0.509 is coming into play and what i do with it etc
    05-24-10 03:41 PM
  22. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    wait ! Can you please have a look at step 2 in here > BlackBerry 101: How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked BlackBerry | CrackBerry.com

    coz I don't want you to mess things up ;D


    have a look at the video . . . it is very helpful and well explained
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    05-24-10 03:48 PM
  23. JB1010's Avatar
    When i go through the 'loader' installation part I progress fine (with regards to the so mentioned 'tricky part' where the pin might not come up). So i've reached the 'device application selection'. But Ahmed, at what point do i do something with the new OS V5.0.0.509 download??
    05-24-10 03:58 PM
  24. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    you are now in the installation part of installing the into your BB since you have already installed it into your PC

    so now, under language and support > choose English UK or US ( I chose arabic as well )

    then scroll down and select which applications you would like to be installed and games

    now click next and Finish


    you did delete the Vendor.xml when I told you to. Right?
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    05-24-10 04:05 PM
  25. JB1010's Avatar
    I was excited by your optimism there...but...instead of being given the message 'Uncaught Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException' and not being able to do anything, i'm now greeted with the mesage 'This handheld device includes software that is proprietary and confidential to resaearch in motion limited ("RIM") and/or it's affiliates and suppliers etc etc. I have the option to press OK, but guess what I cant. My phone responds to nothing, no buttons work. Back to sqaure one?
    05-24-10 04:17 PM
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