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    Hello I am cliff and I am a Togo manager for Ruby Tuesdays and I use excel all the time for Togo orders and keeping up with my numbers and credit cards on file and I do not have it on my bb 8330 and I need it so bad but do not want to buy it!!!!!!! I fill I should not have to HAHA does any one know what I can do to get what I am looking for

    Ok here is where I am at I have excel on my computer in my office the sad thing is I am never in my office I am always out I know that I can not start a new file on my phone and I do not wish to I just need to get the one file I have and send it to my phone I can look at it but not save it or edit it and I need to the both

    Pleas some one help!!!!!!

    Next I put a lot of appointments in my calendar and I need to send that to like 10 different people a week to let them know what is going on but I donít know how to do that either once agin can any one help me!!!!!!
    03-01-09 11:24 PM